The most basic claim of at least most, if not all monotheist belief systems is that the deity that they worship 'always was', thereby avoiding the messy problem of 'who created the creator?'.
Well, if a creator has existed for an infinitely long time in the past (having never been created) should not anything He/She/It has done, such as creating mankind, happened an infinitely long time ago? Or are we to believe a deity existed an infinite amount of time before the idea of creating sentient beings finally occurred to Him/Her/It?

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Some christian dude, though I have no idea who, when, or where, basically responded to this a long time ago, but nobody much cares.  He said something like "When god made the universe, he also made time." considering this possible state of affairs, that means that even if said Mr. Yahweh existed/exists through/in an infinite amount of some dimension (flavor, temperature, bulk modulus, whatever), he'd necessarily only exist in terms of the time dimension back to the beginning of time itself, with there being no "before" the beginning of time in the same sense as how you can't go north of the north pole and can't go further to the right within a block of some material than the rightmost extent of the block without exiting the block and thus not existing in the dimension-as-described which requires that you be within the block.


It seems like kind of a cheat, but it's not.  It's just reality trolling us.

If you take turtles for example, who are some of the longer living creatures we know, and ever so slow, then maybe S/He was a little 'slow' at coming up with the idea, LOL!

What we know so far is that time and space are both infinite and relative and that the universe possesses an equally infinite quantity of possibilities.

That intelligent life presumes an equally intelligent or at the very least living source is not a totally discountable argument. But we tend to define 'intelligence' according to socially imposed parameters and definitions of calculated ingeniousness which give out an altogether biased notion of the nature of this 'hypotethical' sentient being.  For all we know, it could well be that in his infinity, his intellingence is just some automatic reflex devoid of any deliberate consciousness, like those that sometimes occur in comatose people.





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