Take a look at this American Religious Identification Survey website:



It shows that 15% of American noted they had no religion, and the biggest "challange to Christianity" come from the rejection of all forms of organized religion.  That's almost 50 million people in todays numbers.  These aren't card carrying athiests, but I had no idea the number was that high.  Are these numbers accurate?   


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Those are the official US Census figures that I read a few months ago. Should be accurate.
They're consistent with the most recent data I've seen, but then I can't remember how accurate that data was.
I don't really care for their category name... "nones".
Yes, that's consistent with what I understand. Bill Maher commented on this in his film Religulous. He stated that the Atheist "minority" has a larger percentage of the population than African Americans, Jews, and the NRA for example, yet politicians rarely seem to address the needs of Atheists.
Because unlike the Jews and the NRA, we don't give them a ton of money.

So true.  I wonder what would happen if we did?  If we picked on candidate, collected a big pool of money and gave it to them.  Do you think that would damage the candidate in the public eye?  I give money to candidates often, but they never know that I'm an atheist.  It would be an interesting experiment to pool money for one candidate and see what happens.



I like it.  As far as I know, there's only one avowed atheist in public service.  From California - where else.  But you need to pick a politician who is incidently an atheist,  not just an atheist running on an atheist platform.  I bet there are several in office already.  I'm guessing Barney Frank MA, that comic senator from Minn., Bernie Sanders Vt., Kerry Ma., Schwarzenneger, et al.

I agree... I would never vote for anyone simply because they were an atheist... though I must admit, I will not vote for someone who makes their "relationship" with Jesus/God, etc. paramount in their campaign.  There is also Cecil Bothwell, though he is not running nationally.  He was the one (in NC) who they tried to throw out of office due to some archaic statement in the NC constitution about any public official needing to believe in god.
I agree, its too broad and can be misleading.  Cheryl noted a good link that breaks it down nicely.  The results are still promising!
Just because they don't follow organized religion doesn't mean they don't believe in a god

I agree Susan, the 15% (50 million) is not indicative of just non-believers, but also inclusive of those not following any organized religion and towards Deistic beliefs.  But its still good news and an "evolutionary step" in the right direction:  Animism>Polytheism>Monotheism>Deism>Agnostisim>Atheism!  Kent 

•     The challenge to Christianity in
the U.S. does not come from other
religions but rather from a rejection of
all forms of organized religion.


The future looks bright with revelations like this


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