Take a look at this American Religious Identification Survey website:



It shows that 15% of American noted they had no religion, and the biggest "challange to Christianity" come from the rejection of all forms of organized religion.  That's almost 50 million people in todays numbers.  These aren't card carrying athiests, but I had no idea the number was that high.  Are these numbers accurate?   


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Thers's a good summary of the Pew Forum U.S. Religious Landscape Survey at:


Yes, the numbers are that high, but the unaffiliated are divided in about equal parts between religious unaffiliated and secular unaffiliated.

Evangelicals are declining in influence and see further decline over the next 5 years.  They're getting hurt by their politicizing:



I really hope that's true.  I have no delusion about our current gains by the atheist movement ending religion for good, but I'd like to see a new Age of Enlightenment within my lifetime.


Oh Christ, I just read the article.  It's the @#$%^&* Lausanne Movement.  Those are the assholes pushing for laws allowing the execution of homosexuals in Uganda.

Great, and over 2,000 evangelical leaders are associated with them.  Fundamentalists are losing ground in large part due to their attitudes toward gay and lesbian relations.  Let's hope they continue in their downward spiral in public acceptance.  I think we'll see the U.S. become more like Britain in my lifetime.  I look forward to that.






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