This is about a Catholic priest who, it seems, murdered a young woman when she came to him for confession. 

The church covered it up.  They assured police that he would be punished much worse within the church, and sent him to a Trappist monastery to get him out of the way because they thought he was dangerous.

Many years later, two priests came forward saying this priest had told them he killed this young woman.  The district attorney didn't want to prosecute.  He said the evidence wasn't good enough, but one has to wonder if the real reason is because he's Catholic (which he probably is). 

This priest also attacked another young woman who got away.  In that case he pleaded "no contest" to aggravated assault.  His punishment was a $500 fine. 

One hears a lot about the Catholic church covering up for priests who molest young boys.  If they cover up sexual assault, they probably have covered up murder as well.

From hearing the priests talk about this, it seems like they had such a sense of virtue and higher authority that for many years, they could excuse themselves for shielding a murderer from prosecution. 

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Here's one that got away with murder ... for 26 years anyways.


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