I have noticed that A/N users often refer to authors or particular books. There appear to be many that frequent this site that are well read.

There are many book reviews available on Amazon etc. but I don't hold much value in them, however I have begun to know many A/N users and have begun to know their particular interest and specialties. I value their opinions very much. I cannot accept a book review of some random person but take much value in the opinions of those whom I have had and seen discussions with on this site. I know that some on this site are well versed in science, others in physiology, others in the bible, etc. There input on particular books are very important to me. I actually trust their input as opposed to some random person on Amazon, Google, etc.

I would like to proffer the suggestion that in the discussion forum a new category be added. Perhaps simply put "book review". As we know each other's specialties it would be much easier to select books of our interest and avoid books that might appear good from random sources. What do you fellow A/N users think of the idea? Could this be a better resource of possible selection of GOOD reading material?

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How do I find it? How do we revive it? Forgive me I'm new at this. Would it be better as a group or a new forum option?

Here's a link to the main page of Nexus Book Club: http://atheistnexus.org/group/nexusbookclub

It looks like it has discussion activity from January and earlier, and comments on the comment wall from April, May, and June of this year.

To revive the group, just go ahead and post something. "Add a Discussion" (at the bottom of the list of latest discussions), or write something more transient for the comment wall. (And/or reply to, and revive, one of the existing discussions.)

What you do will show up in the "Latest Activity" list on the lower right of every page.

I hope others join in!

Thank you I think this will be beneficial to all!

Of course I'd direct you to my own work of genius.... (Age of Wisdumb, Do Not Press, 2017) but the trouble with recommendations is that everyone's situation is different. I came from a scientific background so I found most enlightenment, not from more science, but from Enlightenment philosophy. I found Percy Bysshe Shelley more revealing that Dawkins, but many others would probably find Dawkins more accessible and more complete on the atheist subject. Thomas Paine taught me more than Hitchens and Harris. John Stuart Mill and Bentham had outlooks more meaningful to me than the current view of most of the US. And Bertrand Russell resonated with me more than Bernie Sanders. So, the simple answer is, there is no simple answer. You have to read the backs of lots of books, and the abstracts of lots of articles! And you have to accept disappointment from having selected poor ones numerous times. But books are cheap, so that's hardly a problem...




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