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I'm new here although I've held a general non-superstitious life for some time now. I'm generally hesitant to take the name "atheist" only because it seems like such a tepid definition.  I like to think of it as a fork in the road that leads to further thought and not necessarily as a destination.  None the less I'm trying to get some atheist billboards in Texas.  I want to encourage the normalization of the topic and push forward a dialog in the area.  I think we can all agree that Texas needs it.  There's a widget below with more information.  Let me know your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.  If you're up for it, consider contributing.  If the necessary amount is not reached in a few weeks, everyone's money is returned to them, so you don't risk losing it.





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For some reason my widget did not appear. You can view the billboard here: https://epicstep.com/campaign/166/atheism-wont-hurt-you/


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