Hello there. Heard about this site through the Chariots of Iron podcast and thought I'd take a look.

Personally my journey into un-belief has been a slow and arduous one. Raised in a christian family that was very liberal in it's beliefs made me a, perhaps, not notice the more striking flaws that are found in more fundamental belief structures. My family had no issue with accepting things like evolution etc. for example. However I started to question in my late teens early twenties why it was that I never felt any of that relationship with god that other people claimed to. After that the story is probably similar to almost all of you in here who have de-converted. Questions lead to research, research leads, eventually, to a rejection of belief.

I came out to my parents last year that I was not a christian. Haven't yet told them about my atheism since just the first part was fairly hard on them. I figured I'd let it come organically and not force the issue. Any advice? Suggestions?

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lol Actually when I was a kid there was a little boy living down the street from me who was in my second grade class. When Easter rolled around my school hired one of the dads in my class to dress up in a bunny costume & come and give out candy and do an egg hunt and whatnot. This little boy burst out crying and the teacher could barely console the poor kid. Finally when he calmed down enough to talk he told the teacher that he was crying because they didn't have an Easter Pig. Apparently his parents had told him a somewhat different fairy tale.


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