My name is Nicole, and I live in the Bible Belt (specifically Indiana).

I am an author (and have a day job that also keeps me busy).

I first considered myself an atheist way back when I was 13, when I read the companion book to the Joseph Campbell PBS series The Power of Myth  and realized that my "religion" had a fair bit in common with ancient classical "myths".  At that time, I fell into a deep depression, considering life totally meaningless.

Since then I have ping-ponged back and forth between belief and disbelief.  Finally, in my late 30s, I have come to realize that I can have a happy, fulfilling life without superstition.  I am in the process of leaving a church, which has been a bit painful.  I am not brave enough to fess up to them that I don't, at this point, believe in God.  I'm a little too neurotic for that right now.

But I am in desperate need of community with like-minded people.  I'm interested in hanging out and learning something from everyone here.

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Welcome! I hope you find the sense of community you are looking for here.
Welcome Nicole, from your neighbor (Illinois here). I had to chuckle a little when I read about a community of "like minded people." I think the only thing we all agree on here is the idea that there are no invisible beings with magic robes or super powers, nor any eternal theme parks for the good and bad. Other than that, a rather disparate group with a wide range of opinions on different topics. Nevertheless, everyone I've interacted with on here are very good folks. Again, welcome.
Welcome Nicole,
to varying degrees we are all refugees here -
which is what makes it great. I hope time spent on A/N can help with your isolation.
Welcome! I am happy to hear that you are able to see the fascinating lights of reality. It is a shame that some people dwell over the lose of their superstitions and are not able to see the true beauty that this world has to offer.


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