My name is Nicole, and I live in the Bible Belt (specifically Indiana).

I am an author (and have a day job that also keeps me busy).

I first considered myself an atheist way back when I was 13, when I read the companion book to the Joseph Campbell PBS series The Power of Myth  and realized that my "religion" had a fair bit in common with ancient classical "myths".  At that time, I fell into a deep depression, considering life totally meaningless.

Since then I have ping-ponged back and forth between belief and disbelief.  Finally, in my late 30s, I have come to realize that I can have a happy, fulfilling life without superstition.  I am in the process of leaving a church, which has been a bit painful.  I am not brave enough to fess up to them that I don't, at this point, believe in God.  I'm a little too neurotic for that right now.

But I am in desperate need of community with like-minded people.  I'm interested in hanging out and learning something from everyone here.

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Welcome! I hope you find the sense of community you are looking for here.
Welcome Nicole,
to varying degrees we are all refugees here -
which is what makes it great. I hope time spent on A/N can help with your isolation.
Welcome! I am happy to hear that you are able to see the fascinating lights of reality. It is a shame that some people dwell over the lose of their superstitions and are not able to see the true beauty that this world has to offer.


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