A new setting for male privilege: micturitional video games.

Adding insult to injury, these video games are playable only by the gender with a built-in joystick.  




So far, no one protesting this unfair development.  Time to occupy some men's rooms!!!


Oh, piss on it.



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Heh! : p

Im a bad person.

That was an interesting article.

I'm mostly upset it's not open source.  Also, it's advertising-supported?  Come on...  Can't we even play games in the bathroom in piss?  I mean peace.  Come to think of it, there are a few other games I can think of I'd rather play that are ad free.

I wonder, how long it takes til they use water pistols on the system..... 

Excellent suggestion!

I will not be surprised at all, when they start to sell a kids' game to be played in the garden controling a screen with water pistols.  

I am reminded of the old quip "mother nature is no feminist"




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