Just yesterday in the grocery checkout line I noticed two God/Jesus titles in the DVD rack and thought WTF? Now this article comes out from Godless in Dixie:


Prepare for a major gross-out!

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It looks like the same old slander to me. The faithful believe it, and apparently they always will. They even think we are dumb because we say "I don't know" and they have all the answers. Problem is, they have no evidence for the answers.

Every now and then they put me in this bad spot. You are atheist because you hate god. Something must have happened. That's why you are angry. YES. Something did happen and I hate god. I am angry because my dog died. Later god did not bring me a pony. (Oh, wait. That was Santa Claus.) I doubt seriously if they will ever get it.

Probably the most irritating question I ever get is "why do you hate god?" It shows that the person asking the question doesn't even understand what atheism means. The best response is "why do you hate the Flying Spaghetti Monster?"

The video embedded in this article is worth a listen. Neil Carter, the "Godless in Dixie" blogger, very thoughtfully debunks 11 prevailing myths about atheists.




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