Are there any people here who, go to church daily or every week, keep kosher, keep sabbath, go to Mosque 5 times a day just because their family don't know that they don't believe? How do you feel about it? Does it suck for you? For me, I'm not with my family at the moment and the only thing that I do is pray Friday because there are many Saudi students in my college and they all pray it so I can't avoid it and look bad, besides, it only takes something like 30 minutes. I only have 2-3 Saudi friends who I might be able to tell them that I
don't believe, I would lose all my other friends and all my family if
they knew, I don't eat pork, not because its haram but because I find it disgusting(maybe its a cultural thing), I never tried it and I don't think I'll ever will.

How about you?

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I'm not a pork fan either. I WILL eat it, but I heavily prefer not to. I have to say that the abrahamic tradition of being anti-pork was a great idea. It's bad for ya. And I don't know if many people realize it but hogs are crazy! I've had my hand ripped open by one and 've seen hogs go into a feeding frenzy when they noticed that one of the other hogs was wounded. It was disgusting.

Oh, wait, that wasn't your question... :D My personal answer is no, I would never attend a church function other than a wedding or, depending on the deceased, a funeral.
When I was your age I went along with my family to church and pretended to pray and all that. When I was living with them it would have been difficult to go against them. Of course it sucks to betray yourself and not speak up for what you believe. All I can say is that when you are on your own you may reconsider how you deal with this. I can't imagine having to pretend to pray for 30 minutes now, today. That would make me pretty unhappy.
30 minutes seems an awfully long time, that's for sure. Sheesh.
Its just 30 minutes for a week, so not really a big deal, When I go back to Saudi, my mom will tell me to pray 5 times a day, and might ask me to take her to makkah for few weeks, to worship there.

my father isn't very religious, he only cares about my grades.
Your father is a wise man. ^_^
I go to a temple every Sunday, and the people there know that I am an atheist. They practice cao-dai, a religion resembling unitarianism that originated recently in Vietnam. It's more of a social gathering, although they do pray for 45 minutes in a medium-sized room that's diluted with incense. Sometimes people don't pray because they don't feel like it, and it's no big deal. I never do :D
Do you have to be quite when they pray? and what do you do when they pray for 45 minutes? Do you just wait for them to finish?
Yes, they like it to be quiet, but you can still talk. It's not a strict place, since we are all friends. I mentioned that cao-dai resembles unitarianism. This acceptance of people with differing/lack of beliefs is due in part because they believe that as long as you are a "good" person, you'll go to heaven.
Yeah, I just wait for them.
I live in a very multi-cultured area. That probably explains it.
While there are a lot of churches in the suburbs here, the great variety, I believe, makes people more open-minded. For example, there's a Laosian temple right across the street from my apartment complex.
I'm 13 and my mother doesn't know I'm Atheist and forces me to go to church.right now I'm in the middle of slowly telling her I'm Atheist.I complain about church and ask all kinds of questions and bring up how this can't be true and all that but she still makes me.
Maybe don't tell her, she might make you go more often hoping you will remove the "satanic" thoughts off your head. just act like a non-practicing believer, it would work better.(sleep on Sunday morning)
If I were you, I'd tell her. It sounds like she's Christian. She probably won't disown you or anything. And what about your dad? Is he also Christian? I found out after I came out that I was atheist that my dad was agnostic. I didn't ever tell my mom, she found out through other people. She's fine with it, unfortunately. Staying in the closet isn't good for you. At least, it wasn't for me. It sucks lying about who you are. I like to think of it like a band-aid that's on a bare patch of skin. Rip it off fast, because there's no reason for it to be there.




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