Are there any people here who, go to church daily or every week, keep kosher, keep sabbath, go to Mosque 5 times a day just because their family don't know that they don't believe? How do you feel about it? Does it suck for you? For me, I'm not with my family at the moment and the only thing that I do is pray Friday because there are many Saudi students in my college and they all pray it so I can't avoid it and look bad, besides, it only takes something like 30 minutes. I only have 2-3 Saudi friends who I might be able to tell them that I
don't believe, I would lose all my other friends and all my family if
they knew, I don't eat pork, not because its haram but because I find it disgusting(maybe its a cultural thing), I never tried it and I don't think I'll ever will.

How about you?

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"I'm in the middle of slowly telling her I'm Atheist"

Probe carefully to determine how she feels about other unbelievers before you tell her about your own ideas. You may even consider trying to talk to her about Christianity and discuss the issues that you have with specific things instead of just telling her you don't believe. She will be far more likely to respect your questions than a simple statement with no obvious justification.

As long as you live with your parents they have the ability to make your life miserable if they wish. I would be cautious.
I am in a similar situation; I am agnostic and my parents don't know, nor can I tell them because they wouldn't have it or they would probably try to convert me. So with that said, until I am out of the house I am forced to go to church with them every Sunday/religious holiday. It really sucks, but I don't want to lose my family over me no longer following their religion. And only 3 people know that I am agnostic. 2 of them are atheists. Does anyone else feel the same?




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