A one-Christian crusade against Richard Dawkins & the Global Atheist Convention

Just prior to the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, "Banana Man" Ray Comfort is dogging Dawkin's footsteps all over Australia and handing out his own version of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" to college students. (more on what Comfort is saying here)



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Heard of him before. I can't really say much, other than laugh at him. I'd love to get a free copy of On the Origin of Species, though, regardless of what kind of introduction it contains. Unfortunately, he prefers to give them at large universities, and I preferred to attend small ones.

I do recall the banana argument in a different video on youtube. And then someone explained that the bananas people eat have been changed from what they originally looked like by farmers.

This is guy is such a joke!!! I don't blame Dawkins for not debating him. I don't know if I could keep a straight face when the guy pulled out the crockaduck. I don't know if I would laugh or cry for his ignorance. I wonder if he came up with his crackpot ideas on his own or if someone is behind him pulling the strings?
...nevertheless you´ve to admit, the man seriously is inspired and devoted to his goals....:-)
May all that he does be fruitless.
Fruitless... oh man. I chuckled. Nice.

The banana argument is incredibly flawed.

Bananas aren't designed for us... if this was true, all other fruit would likely have followed the same logic. And I've had allot of incredibly frustrating fruit.
The basic logic they're missing is : We like the banana because our hands have evolved to manipulate phallic objects with ease. Bananas are phallic.

Imagine if our hands had evolved to handle only spherical objects. Bananas would really suck.

Arguing that the banana was designed after humans, for humans, is like claiming wood was designed after the hammer, for the hammer.
Must have had allot of useless hammers lying around.




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