A peek at the blasphemous NYC show God Tastes Like Chicken

Each show opens with my "sermon" and finishes with my taking of confessions from the wonderful freaks from the East Village that join us the first Thursday of each month at the UNDER St. Marks Theater. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44GyiCcKXFU

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and this video is me destroying a bigot preacher with his own microphone, in front of a crowd of about 100+ people in Union Square NYC. I am a comic, but this is probably my favorite moment with a microphone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IYuO-wN1I0
Brilliant :-)

I soooo wish I was in NY to see this live.

Best to you and wishing you much success!
Love it!
God taste like chicken?
Llet us know if he has the gonads to show up.
He has ducked me so far, so I am looking for others. I will find the fanatic I need, with a little luck.
I knew he could walk the walk but could not talk the talk...Good job wittering him down to size.
This blasphemous comic is much appreciative of whatever support you can throw my way. Thank you


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