Here is a poem I decided to come up with right here on the spot for the Nexus.

We look around and see the world, wondering what makes it twirl,
Looking with minds clear and bright we see the past in the twilight,
The stars that shine greatly and those that are dim reveal truth hidden within,
We look farther out and back, into the past of inky black,
Seeing chaos pass to order yet no design apparent or other,
Many claim truth absolute from a book, while we would just rather look,
The truth of our planet, and why we don't fly from it, all can be seen if we just look for it.
We seek the truth no matter it's form because we are curious since we were born.
We are moral by our own virtue and won't turn from it just to hurt you.
We are atheists that have no need for myth and legend nor gods creed.
Man created god in his own image while we look away from the visage.
You won't find war and hate in our books. We are atheist and thats just how it looks.

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It's a fine poem and hits the nail on head.
I'm no poet but that I like.




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