Not only that, it features two people on two different sides of the political spectrum.  Okay, you're thinking by now, Loren's gone off the deep end.  Nope, I haven't ... and as a demonstration thereof, I humbly offer Exhibit A:

So ... is that or is that not a breath of fresh air ... ESPECIALLY after the kinds of ads we saw with the 2012 campaigns?!?

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Ahhh, "hear[ing] one another."  Gee, whiz, what a concept.  Not a lot of that going on these days inside the Beltway, is there?!?

I agree, Loren. Thanks.

Good one Loren.

That is one heck of an experiment.  It may actually have a chance of working.  That is until the mud slinging adds come up on the air and make everyone forget about this add.

The point is that Sciortino it at least attempting to take the high road, and one would hope, stay on that high road.  If he can do that and maintain that, once his opponent resorts to smears and negative campaigning, that difference should become glaringly obvious and if not, can be made so, calmly and rationally.

It is, indeed, "one heck of an experiment."  I for one will be interested in how it comes out.


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