A priest, a rabbi, and an atheist (former Baptist / Catholic / "conservative" Gay) smoking marijuana...

8 minute video.  This discussion makes about as much sense as any other discussion with religious people.  Which is to say, not much.  But maybe marijuana oil should be included in the sacraments.

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 Once as a kid speaking nonsense with my friends we came up with the idea that world leaders should smoke weed at summits etc. This is an excellent example of what might happen. These people did not argue but walked away friends apparently. Beer tends to start fights...weed tends to make people like each other more and actually communicate without the strong feelings of animosity. no matter how much theist say they love there is always discontent for those who don't believe what they do. Maybe the new atheist slogan should be "dump the myth...smoke a reefer".

Im not a proponent of getting high, or loaded, or drunk, but as long as it doesn't endanger others, my attitude is live and let live.  There is evidence that adolescent brains do not benefit from intoxication, and of course there is disinhibition where sometimes inhibition might be better.

I never figured out why christians are anti-marijuana.  It can't possibly be mentioned in the bible, it wasn't there.  Just like, the bible can't be anti-chocolate, or anti-avocado.  Those weren't there either.  I think the same is true for abortion - you can stretch and massage some verses to make people think the bible is anti-abortion, but it isn't.  Compare that to dietary and sabbath laws that are very specific, and christians ignore them.  Plus, the bible is pro-slavery, even though people try to pretend otherwise.  So in our society, we consider slavery an ultimate evil, even though the bible supports them, but we are against marijuana, even though it's not mentioned at all, and we eat shrimp and lobster and work on saturdays - or is it sundays - even though those are abominations and work on sabbath is punishable by death in the bible.  Makes no sense.

It should be painfully obvious to anyone who reads The Bible with an open mind (or at least with a functioning mind) that God didn't make us in his image, we made him in our image.

Ha, most of my fights were under alcohol although I'm not the best example for alcohol. I don't recall ever wanting to fight wit weed. Matter of fact smoking circles are one of the most social things you can do because everyone drops their cel​ and starts talking.The only time you get mildly mad is when someone babysits. And the most loving thing is that everyones welcomed from noob to religis to unemployed.

Don't Bogart that joint, my friend.

...in times of impending war it would be ideal to fire refers instead of bullets....

These videos are hilarious....

..come to think about it...since alcohol is legal  promotes violence and marijuana is illegal and promotes peace...Christians are therefore advocating animosity.

Why are Christians so afraid of actually having peace?

I think peace doesn't work for Christians because it doesn't work for any empire builders,

I'm all for that : )



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