A Protestant, a Catholic, An Evangelical, and an Atheist all walk into a bar....

So they all sit down at a table and the 3 Christians start discussing what would Jesus drink if he were here. The three of them decide they should all order a round of drinks based on what they believe Jesus would drink.

So the protestant says "I believe Jesus would set a good example and not drink liquor". So they all order a glass of water and drink it.

The the catholic says "No, Jesus turned water into wine. So he was obviously partial to wine". So they all order a glass of wine and drink it.

The the Evangelical says "Jesus is the King of Kings. So he would drink the king of beers. Budweiser." So they all order a glass of Budweiser and drink it.

Then they tell the atheist "It's your turn to order. What do you believe Jesus would drink?"

The atheist collects all three of their glasses. Stands up. Unzips his pants. Pulls out his dick and proceeds to urinate into their glasses. He then sets a filled glass in front of each of them.

In a state of shock, the ask "So why do you think Jesus would drink urine?"

The atheist replies "I don't believe in Jesus, but I do believe you Christians would swallow anything."

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They WILL swallow anything.  I won't.

Anyone for a dram of Glenlivet?


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