I have many weird questions in my head most of the time like:

In generally what kinds of music do you like to listen to the most?

that question is arguably one of the most normal I have had on my mind in a long time.

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Not my cup of tea but to each his own.
Trip-hop, industrial, futurepop, post-punk, new wave, goth rock.

Oh and terrible Eurodance music.
Personally I like folk, jazz, classical, Celtic/other traditional, and parody/comedy (like Weird Al, Ray Stevens). I like almost anything, with the exception of rap, hip-hop, ANY FORM OF METAL, and pop. But as I said to each his own.
White and Nerdy is hillarious! I also get a kick out of an artist called Wesley Willis.
I like almost anything, with the exception of rap, hip-hop, ANY FORM OF METAL, and pop.

Sounds like you're my twin brother. Well, almost: I'd had techno and electro music to this list.
I don't mind techno, haven't heard of electro so I can't judge. Techno isn't one of my favorites mind you but it can be tolerated for awhile, usually a short while.
Couldn't help myself. Here's some electro.


some vocal electro from Benny B.

and a video everyone should watch no matter there music preferences
Forgot one I don't like, emo.
I mostly listen to goth and metal, but I also like Team Sleep and Radiohead, which both seem to be usually classed as 'emo'.
Radiohead, emo? Really? I have never heard that in my entire life. Radiohead is an incredibly popular band among music snobs -- they're considered all Innovative and Avant-Garde and Supr Indie To Tha Max. Emo is one word I would have ranked slightly above "gangsta rap" and below "thrash metal" in the list of genres likely to be applied to Radiohead.

Wikipedia sez: Alternative rock, electronic music, experimental rock.

For the record, I don't like Radiohead at all... that just baffled me!
Oh, really? I thought they were emo - there was a music magazine, for one example, that had all their Radiohead t-shirts in their emo section. Sure makes me feel better, though! :P

When you say you don't like Radiohead, do you include their latest album in that? I personally find In Rainbows to be much, much more subtle and interesting than their other albums. Team Sleep is much like it, though they're even more erudite and snobby, if anything :P




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