I have many weird questions in my head most of the time like:

In generally what kinds of music do you like to listen to the most?

that question is arguably one of the most normal I have had on my mind in a long time.

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I listen to a wide variety, but alt rock is at the top of the list. Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Natalie Merchant, The Cure, REM, Blind Melon, Bad Religion are my top picks. And I recently started listening to George Hrab's music, good stuff.
I like your taste. If I had to choose a favorite band, Bad Religion would most definitely be it.
Bad Religion is excellent. I've been listening to them since the 80s.
They do kick righteous ass. :)
If it has meaningful social commentary, I'll listen to it. If it's nerdy, funny, or sciencey I'll listen to it (They Might be Giants, Weird Al, anything Monty Python). Mostly I listen to punk, ska, rockabilly, Nueva Trova, reggae roots, some metal, and alt./indie rock. I can't stand rap, hiphop, and the worst of the worst: reggaeton.
For your listening pleasure: Jonathan Coulton sampler. I recommend them all, but I'd start with Mandelbrot Set if you like math, Chiron Beta Prime if you like post-apocalyptic scenarios merged with those dreadful Xmess letters people send out at the end of the year, or Re: Your Brains if you've ever wondered what would happen if that jackass at the office suddenly became a zombie.
Oh, that's easy. Metal. I enjoy many kinds of music, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would definitely be metal.
Update on my preferences I have recently discovered MC Frontalot and Greydon Square and despite the rap connection I really like their work.



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