If you had an "experience of God" when you were religious, what did that experience consist of?

Did you have a sense of presence of a Being - as someone might have a sense that a person is behind them? 

Or was it more abstract - the good feelings you had from the songs and prayer, the impression that something out there was communicating with you?

I've had a sense of the presence of God.  It used to be much more concrete.  It got less concrete after meditating through it, after I let out the buried feelings that were stored in the presence.  The presence turned into a kind of memory of my abusive mother. 

But I didn't infer anything from that sense of the presence of God.  I didn't think I was sensing the being that had created the universe, or that the being would take care of me.  I left it as an experience and didn't go beyond that. 

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I was never very religious, but I tried to as long as I lived in my parents' house, or life would have been unbearable. So one dag I agreed to take part in a religious ceremony, with the secret thought "If there's a god in it, this will force it in the open." The ceremony: mumbo jumbo on a hot day, a lot of speeches. My part in it was over and I felt a cool breeze on my back. Wondered for a moment if the god manifested itself  with a cool breeze - it hadn't, someone had turned on a fan. All my trying to experience the god ended there. Sounds stupid? Yes, 18 year olds are not very smart, at least I wasn't.

I wanted to experience something, but never did. That's part of the reason I started doubting. 

I have had WAY more experiences which I would class as "numinous" (though not relating to any form of deity) as a direct result of my former practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique than EVER with the religion of my youth (NONE).  The thing is, I knew where those experiences came from.  It may be that because of those experiences, I expected in background that some time or other the big guy might show up, but of course, he never did.

Waiting for Godot never pays off.

I had a lot rather mystical experiences from zen meditation. 

The first time I did TM I saw my astral body.  But nothing interesting happened after that.

Waiting for Godot

That's funny, maybe it was intended to suggest "waiting for God".

Nope ... Waiting for Godot is the play by Samuel Beckett.  Admittedly, I've never actually SEEN the play but ***SPOILERS*** ... Godot never shows. Knock the "ot" off of his name and the sentence still applies.

What I meant was that maybe Beckett deliberately made it sound like "waiting for God".

It would be an appropriate allusion.

I looked it up and it seems Beckett didn't intend to suggest "God".  Waiting for Godot was originally written in French.

I have seen my astral body. For a time in my life I was like Doctor Strange. Later you realize that this too is not real.

My experiences were always along a "visionary sense" whether good or bad. Any presence of god was simply the goosebumps that one feels during these times. Fundies really are like this with many of them believing they are modern day seers and prophets. If that were truely the case then metaphysics is alive and well, and the bible did not stop at Revelation. It would all keep going on because we would all continue to make it up.

This is very real to the believer but strictly imaginary.

My experiences were always along a "visionary sense" whether good or bad.

I don't know what you mean by this, did you have a perception of God or was God only inferred from the experience of goosebumps etc.?

A perception maybe, but it's a feeling of "something" and you get goosebumps. None of us know what that "something" is, perhaps because the imagined presence or experience cannot be accuartely defined.

Like a white or golden light that was associated with a feeling of being good, a "high" floating feeling of exultation, and maybe some sensation of hearing singing? 

It had more of a sense of a person being there, when it was for me more of a memory of abuse, when I hadn't yet gone into it. 




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