If you had an "experience of God" when you were religious, what did that experience consist of?

Did you have a sense of presence of a Being - as someone might have a sense that a person is behind them? 

Or was it more abstract - the good feelings you had from the songs and prayer, the impression that something out there was communicating with you?

I've had a sense of the presence of God.  It used to be much more concrete.  It got less concrete after meditating through it, after I let out the buried feelings that were stored in the presence.  The presence turned into a kind of memory of my abusive mother. 

But I didn't infer anything from that sense of the presence of God.  I didn't think I was sensing the being that had created the universe, or that the being would take care of me.  I left it as an experience and didn't go beyond that. 

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Damn I tried and tried to get the holy ghost.
The preacher would give the alter call and  I would dare myself to go.

I use to watch people run up and down the aisles screaming and yelling.Here and there a woman would fall to the floor and wither.

Sometimes I think it is fake till one makes it.

I did fake it when in High School.

Oh dammit I never got the holy ghost 

I have this picture of Casper, white with a yellow circle floating over him :)

Could be quite beautiful.

I never got the Holy Goat either. It just seemed so damned fake to me. Outside of church none of it was real, not even in the buybull. Since real people do not act that way, obviously it was made up!

I managed a warm fuzzy once or twice. I unexpectedly pulled off a hair raising experience. As a young adult, reading the bible, I was regularly inundated with the Heebie jeebies, of which I occasionally have flashbacks.

Never did have a "god experience".

They may be the result of people living up (or down) to expectations (or hopes). If god is supposed to be good, and we want to be good, wouldn't it speak well of us to make that connection with god? It would go far to establish our "good person" bonafides.

I honestly don't know how anyone could turn their back on what they truly feel to be a "god experience". To do so would be to conclude it was in fact not one.

I don't want to make anyone out to be a liar but...

I honestly don't know how anyone could turn their back on what they truly feel to be a "god experience". To do so would be to conclude it was in fact not one.

One can simply leave it as an experience, not try to conclude things about it or from it. 

Liberal religious people often have a notion of God that doesn't include a lot of the delusional aspects. 

True, one probably should not draw conclusion if the experience requires creative interpretation.

I suppose there might be aspects of ones religion that should not be considered delusional, especially if those beliefs were widely accepted for other reasons. Do not kill is a good one but there are others. I don't know how one could latch onto the god or miracle aspects themselves without considering that they'd just jumped from a reality based lifestyle to...something else.

There's a theory that consciousness came about because having a "theory of mind" helped people in their interactions with others.  So perceiving their own mind helped in predicting what other people would do. 

So this tendency to perceive consciousness outside ourselves gets extended to the rest of the world too, in religion. 

I can especially understand this about trees :)  Trees have often seemed like Beings to me, with consciousness shimmering in them.

I was very religious around 13-14, I think I was quite scared of the thought of my own mortality. Once I asked God if he was real then there will be a smiley face on my bathroom ceiling. There was, but I think the multiple swirls created the smiley face, and being quite simple to make I soon realised I was being a bit silly. I went to a church group and they spoke about how God would speak to me, but he never did. 

Oh well.

I've never had an "experience of God".



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