Hello, I'm a Muslim/agnostic who have daily doubts, there are couple of things that stopping me from being an Atheist and one of these things is a question I couldn't figure out an answer for it.

I think ex-theists here probably had the same question and I hope you guys tell me how did you get over it.

ok here it goes, The universe is 4-5 billion years old but the thing that makes me doubt Atheism; from where did the materials of the universe come from? if there is no God then the universe must had no beginning and the materials must been there since forever.

note: I'm not trolling or trying to convert someone.

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Russell Christian

It's hard for us to accept that the universe is eternal because we do not accept conjectures but accept only facts that science provides us. This is the reason why I have said above that we should allow time, perhaps a very long time, to science to come out with facts about this. In the meanwhile, a combination of logic and science is more than adequate to disprove any fairy tales about god. If our universe is not created by god and if life forms have evolved without any help from god, then god has no reason to exist.




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