This is a game, similar to the Lyrics Quiz discussion in the Bandstand group.

The rules are simple: someone posts the depiction of a work of art (painting, sculpture, pottery, architecture, etc.), and a question others have to answer to, in order to take their turn.

To stick to the group's theme (A TRICK OF THE EYE), the work must have an aesthetic component to it. I know this is very subjective, so use common sense here and try to avoid readymades, shock art and meta-art if possible.

Searching the internet is OK, and even encouraged. The idea here is to have you to look for and discover new stuff.

Let's start with this:

You have to guess the author and the title.

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The Vampire, by Edvard Munch.
It's Munch, but not the Vampire. This one is a lesser known version of another painting with the same name:

Quite the opposite. One-word hint: halo.
I knew both the Sin and Vampire paintings, but Angel is new to me.

Hint #2: look at the first painting: there's a full-grown woman, and a much smaller character. Didn't you see other paintings like that before?
I see the child-like figure and the sperm, but I just don't know the title. Don't tell me though. Maybe someone else will join and and be able to guess.
It shouldn't be that hard, it's a quite common trope in painting. Maybe hint #3 will help:

Madonna and Child?
Almost. Remember I wrote the second painting (without child) shares the same name? So, it's just Madonna.

Your move, sir.

Dali's Galatea of the Spheres




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