This is a game, similar to the Lyrics Quiz discussion in the Bandstand group.

The rules are simple: someone posts the depiction of a work of art (painting, sculpture, pottery, architecture, etc.), and a question others have to answer to, in order to take their turn.

To stick to the group's theme (A TRICK OF THE EYE), the work must have an aesthetic component to it. I know this is very subjective, so use common sense here and try to avoid readymades, shock art and meta-art if possible.

Searching the internet is OK, and even encouraged. The idea here is to have you to look for and discover new stuff.

Let's start with this:

You have to guess the author and the title.

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It is...and, you can use that as a hint.
It looks familiar but I can't remember or find where I've seen it..
Any chance for another hint?
Unfortunately, I have a rather embarrassing confession.

Initially, I came across it on a blogger's site. If you were to google it now the only hits you'd get are from sites that offer to sell you prints, with a certificate of authenticity of course (which doesn't mean much these days).

The more information I look for, the more I'm thinking it's a fake. It seems to be a combination of a photograph and portions of three paintings. You have already figured out who the artist is supposed to be.

There are catalogues of his authentic works (this piece is not in it) which do admit new pieces are found all the time and proven to be real. While I don't claim to be an expert I'm suspecting this is not one of them.

So I hope you guys don't hate me, I'm not sure what to do at this point.

found this photo but I was really having trouble finding the image you shared....your message makes me feel better
give us another image....Always fun to look.
Artist and title

Hint: Artist was American but born in Paris.




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