So I reluctantly talked to my next-door militant right-wing, born-again, f-ing crazy neighbor because we walked out of our (close together) garage doors at the same time.  Her granddaughter is in inpatient treatment for anorexia.  I politely asked how she was doing.  I should have known better.  Well.  They know some people whose granddaughter had anorexia for 5 years, and after 5 years of praying, she was cured.  WHAT?!!!  What about the counselors, and doctors, etc.?!  No, it's all about the praying.  Well I am mad I didn't have the guts to ask why they put her in treatment at all if it's just about praying?!  THEN.  She starts in on ObamaCare, and Socialists, and how "they" (meaning poor and not white) are going to take all the medical care away from "us" (white and middle-class.)  Then I DID say, that you cannot morally let little kids die because they have no medical care.  To which she said that they get the treatment they need anyway, and we are all going to have to die at 70 if Obamacare doesn't stop.  There really was no reason to even argue with her, it would be like arguing with a potato.  She KNOWS we have a son with type 1 diabetes who needs to stay on our healthcare, etc.  I truly believe you can't be a republican and follow jebus at the same time.  She wouldn't get it if I explained it to her until I was blue in the face.

I'm done being nice.  I will wave my hand at her when I see her, but that's it.  She is immoral, and thinks she's superior to me (although if I actually told her what I thought of her religion, she'd probably drop dead from shock.)

I seriously can't stand the majority of people in the world.  Or at least the U.S.. Present company excluded. ~ Mindy

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Strange how these things come up in bunches. I just checked facebook to see my sister in law had reposted an absolutely awful picture of a baby with a major infection in her eye. The eye was swollen closed and protruded out over an inch from her face.

The suggestion given? Yep, you guessed it - pray for the baby.

Egads!!! My first thought was "GET THAT BABY TO A DOCTOR!!!!"

Maybe the prayer thing is just a feelgood response for people who know they're not going to do anything about the problem but want everyone to think they're concerned.

Maybe they're early version, pre-internet concern trolls.

I feel for you Booklover.  Your neighbor is the perfect example of how Fundamental Christianity has destroyed her ability to deal with reality.  Her world view has boiled down to "It's us against them"  (Them) being anyone that doesn't agree with her religious or political views.  She doesn't see that her Christian beliefs actually go against what Jesus taught and the quote below says it loud and clear.

Obama is not a foreigh born, brown skinned, anti-war socialist who provides free health care

You're thinking of Jesus  (from a bumper sticker I saw)


Oh boy, I think I will do an options exploration on this, if you don't mind:
1. Call her names, tell her exactly what you think of her, let her know, in clear terms, how judgmental you think she is.
2. Express your disgust, dismay, rejection of her beliefs, why you refute her beliefs and be clear about the superstitions, Stone Age philosophy, and the sheep herder warlords who wrote what is now the bible.
3. Describe to her how little effectiveness you see in god's interventions, how many people suffer and die under the yoke of Abrahamic faiths, what cruel fates women suffer because of the hatred of women. Religion sees two kinds of women, Eva and the harlot. Real women are neither.
4. A family or community who follows the principles of the faithful have permission to own slaves, to mistreat them, to beat wives and children, even expect men to control women and children, even if it means criminal assaults. Some even put trust into their religion when medicine is needed, even for their small children who are helpless in their parent's ignorance. Scaring children with fabrications of hell and eternal damnation should be charged with child abuse and held accountable for their children's fears and nightmares.
5. Telling people that homosexuality is as curable as indigestion reveals such profound ignorance it is hard for me to stay rational. Using lies about skin color, gender, sexual orientation, family violence all present indicaters that one does not use their natural thinking processes. They use propaganda to indoctrinate others even in the face of evidence to the contrary.
6. Claiming to love everyone is the biggest lie of all. There is no love in racism, sexism, homophobia, or blaming people for their misfortune, or looking down on the poor by giving them crumbs off their abundant table, thinking they are helping. Well, it is not so. When people live under tyranny and suffer displacement, or denial of their humanity, and to not address the structural problems directly, and instead they use the claim to pray, They do not get the full picture of how and why the people became decimated. The very act of feeding crumbs is a palliative for their own undeserved wealth.

You yes! I recognize the experience. Time to build walls, not bridges!

Yesterday, whilst I was out in my back yard with my hand and arm in a splint trying to mow (and failing and in pain) my yard and shovel manure on my peppers, an out-of-the-village couple parked behind my Smart car.

After some small talk about my new car (they'd never seen one), they went into evangelising mode.

Apparently having pumped someone from the village for information about me, they knew I am an atheist, and that I have epilepsy (neither of which is knowable by observing me, but my hand in a splint sure was). They suggested I needed to accept Jesus into my heart to "cast out the demons causing my epilepsy and atheism."

I posited that it seems much more likely that my anticonvulsant Phenobarbital works better to suppress seizures than any amount of prayer, and would you kindly allow me to go back to my yardwork? (The village party/parade is next week and it would look bad if a city councilman had a yard that didn't look like it had been mowed since May 1 - the day of my surgery).

About that time, with them still ranting, the village maintenance mechanic (the other atheist in town besides my wife) drove by, flipped around, and offered to mow my lawn. When she was finished, she refused any sort of payment.

By their fruits ye shall know them indeed.

As for your neighbour, you might note that we would not now have the GAO list of hospital costs and how widely they vary. That was one of the requirements of the ACA.

As for staying away, that mightn't necessarily be a good idea. Knowing what they are up to can be a life-saving defence.

James Kz, what a perfect pair of different kinds of "helpers". Love the way you wrote about it and your statement, "By their fruits ye shall know them indeed."
I am very sorry to learn of your health challenges. Hopefully, you will have help, at least until your surgery heals.

There are some people in this world who just aren't worth the time and effort, and this neighbor sounds like one of them.  Consider your short, frustrating encounter with this person a much better deal than spending an entire evening visiting with her in your backyard for a BBQ.  You were the better person and asked about the health of her granddaughter, yet she took that same opportunity to go on a political rant.  Well.....lesson learned.  Next time all she gets is a neighborly smile and waive.  No conversation necessary.  Your blood pressure will appreciate it.  Believe me, I know.   

"I seriously can't stand the majority of people in the world". I'm glad to hear someone else feels the same way as I do! Little wonder I isolate myself from society.

Randall, you wrote, ""I seriously can't stand the majority of people in the world". I'm glad to hear someone else feels the same way as I do! Little wonder I isolate myself from society."
I agree, some people live so filled with anger, fear, sorrow, guilt, shame, judgement, or just plain meanness that they infect others as they journey through life. These people exist as pimples on the ass of progress.
On the other hand, some people love themselves and rejoice in their lives. They exhibit a sense of care and compassion other as well as themselves. They work hard at things that suit their personalities, liking what they do and the results they derive from it. Some contribute as a member of a team, whether it is marriage and family life, or in their work lives. They feel they belong to a community and participate in community life, always building up others and inspiring flourishing. These kinds of people sit at my table discussing and debating issues of importance to them, giving strong voice to their position even as they listen to other, sometimes conflicting points of view.
Contemplate on life this way, Randall, the universe is 13.77 billion years old; Earth is 4.54 billion years; Homo sapiens sapiens walked on the Earth for about 200,000 years; these numbers change as new evidence appears. How many years have you walked on this Earth? What kind of walk has your life been? How is it now?

Please allow a little old lady to describe life as she sees it. I have this very tiny bit of time to be alive. I had better make sure I live it the fullest way possible. The entire universe is mine for the seeing, the Earth offers all kinds of pleasures for each one of my senses, and I intend to engage them. There are stupid, mean spirited people who share this time with me, and I have no intention of letting them intrude upon my space and time.
Some of those people deserve to be challenged; I have the interest to do the challenging.
My grandmothers and mother lived in different eras than I and had few options. They chose to learn how to try to survive brutish husbands. I chose differently and am eternally grateful.
Now, as to living in the here and now ... it is prudent to remember the past with clarity and honesty, imagine a preferred future and work to bring that about. My vision includes creating a healthy, happy, functioning support system while building the kind of environment where I and others can flourish to each one's full capacities. I am not afraid of work and am intolerant of intolerable behaviors.
I'll be out in this beautiful day doing what I love the most and know you are in your patch of Earth doing what you love most. You and I, happy, content, inspiring, caring, compassionate, having a good day.

"These people exist as pimples on the ass of progress."

What a great way to start my day....with my coffee and a hearty laugh.  Thanks Joan. 


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