A 'rapture' is a religious thing right?... ha, refer to billboard here:

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I hadn't seen the latest one, thanks!
I hadn't seen the bulletin board. Where are they being placed? We were considering having a rapture party, but we thought the most popular date was 2012. I just did a search and sure enough there are several references on the internet to this May 21, 2011 date. I wonder if I have enough time to plan a party. :)
Too funny!

I just found the Wikipedia list of predicted dates for the rapture:


That is SO PERFECT!  I may even break out the 18-year-old MacAllan and have a toast to the un-Rapture in a month and change!  I'd make the party, except that Florida is a bit of a distance!

Sunshine State atheists, have one for me!

@ UUMom:
The Harold Camping rapture prediction has its own wikipedia article: 2011 end times prediction

I took this photo of a billboard here in Philadelphia:
Rapture's a win-win for atheists: assholes gone; America ours.
I think I'm coincidentally going to a party that day already!
Damn the luck! I actually sent in my income tax payment by the due date. Had I filed for an extension, or just skipped it altogether, I could have saved a bundle of dough, and partied like there's no tomorrow. Which, according to Camping's believing clowns, there won't be. Well, there's always next year. Oh! On second thought.........
I'm going to leave some crispy bacon on my front step and then hide away and pretend I've been fried due to the exposure to the awesome power of Jesus' supremeness. The light was just too much!!!
Yes!  That is my birthday weekend, and my whole clique is going to a gay campground to party it up.




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