A "Real Catholic" takes on democracy and "atheist hate"

This one goes in the "Just when you thought they couldn't get any crazier" file.


Are you Catholic enough? Odds are that even if you think you are, Michael Voris probably thinks otherwise. After all, he's one of a new group of American Catholic conservatives for whom even the Church itself isn't always Catholic enough either.
But that's mild compared to what he thinks about American democracy.
See the video here.

Michael Voris with his trademark sword

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So young and so crazy....

I guess we can plan on him starting his own doomsday cult one day soon. Where do you find these people?
They're not as hard to find as you might think (or hope).
I came across that forever ago and was pretty certain it was a Poe.

XD I came across these forums while googling for atheist responses:

I especially love this quote:
Perhaps it is true that before a soul can embrace atheism, it has to have been emotionally and psychologically traumatized in some way. I posit this because atheism is just so doggone unnatural. How else could it be explained?
The Associated Press thinks Voris and the others are real. There's a link to the AP article at the bottom of the story.
Considering how many other Poes the news has fallen for, that in itself isn't enough. But the forums I found are definitely disturbing, either way.
I posit this because atheism is just so doggone unnatural.
That statement is so off planet I don't know where to start refuting it - doggone it.
I got a news bulletin for this wingnut: he was born ATHEIST, just like the rest of us. His hallucination was superimposed some time after ... so how atheism is unnatural is a new one on me!

"Only virtuous people should be allowed to vote."

By people he obviously means Catholics and than by Catholics he means people like himself and than by people like himself he means himself.

What a bunch of Nazi bull shit.

Hi. Ancient Athens called--it wants its over-moralising nonsense back.
Poland will crush the vatican, youth are getting restless
people like that who are so self confident and arrogant can never be debated. It would be a waste of time to ever attempt to debate him. Has this guy said anything about the ongoing catolic church child abuse scandal? I am sure he is full of rationalizations.




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