this is a short story about a girl who is "lesbian"...

who "love" to make some seminars and forums to help people with emotional and spiritual problems..

who love to make some "party for a cause" and "run for a cause" to help the needy

who donated can goods and clothes for the victims of the "Pedring" typhoon

who donated chalks and school supplies in some public schools

who pull up other people to cope up and face the fact of life

who wants to see things as "positive" even it's in worst scenario

who always says "God has a good plan for all of us"

who love to "smile" to give positive energy to people

And who love to "think" what's the good thing to do for the country

She's a fresh graduate, jobless but still she's willing to "help" others

1day..the old man told her to repent her sins from being a lesbo because God didn't make lesbos and gays.."if you want to be in heaven better repent your sins while it's still early and while you're still young" that's the man exactly told her..even tears want to fall from her eyes she ignore what the man told her but the man didn't stop because the girl keep on ignoring her.."you will be punish because you're a lesbian! better repent and say sorry to God!" the old man who's a pastor keep on telling her and end up shouting on her inside the jeepney without thinking that she's already embarrassing himself and specially the girl..without thinking twice the girl cried and went out of the jeepney...


I can't believe that the man judge other that easy...

He crossed boundaries and stepped into private life because of what he believe in..he didn't know that the girl he judged did a lot of things more than preaching..now i ask myself who need to repent my sister who's lesbo with a kind heart or the judge mental man but a religious person??


I just wanna share this because it hurts me a lot hearing those accusations knowing that there's other passengers inside the jeepney..I feel so sorry for my sister and for those who experienced the same as what my sister experienced awhile ago..thanks for your time reading this and have a nice day!

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forget about the random words in quotes..just focus on the story..hehehe..lol

Florida has a good gay community; actually migrated many from keywest to wilton manners; there's even a could nine club in davie (country type town.. but next to casino; liberal sections. cool people live here not all bad lost in sky daddy psychosis... if what you're saying is fact. I'm guessing it happens every day; people are people but they lose their humanity when they fall for the koolaid; be it corporate or perveted faith. just remember it's 2011 and there's growing atheist cultures on fbook and here. I always question everyone and everything; test people on their political knowledge of who's who and who does biz with foreign influence; people don't realize how right wing some areas are and are in legion w/Euro S.Africa. S.American catholic mob connections; just saying it's real. Not CNN/FOX/blah balh...

this is all tangent brainfart here:
seems when a 'family' is brought up to judge gays, homosexual, queer folk etc.. (as if hetero (on the surface) families where usually the male kills his own and then himself.. well it just happened in Puetro Rico on Democracynow... is not bad enough... and the 'hetero' that killed some people in Cali. and the.. ok.

where were we now> ? oh yeah. out w/the old in w/the new if the 'powers that wannabe in your head' aka the vatican/fundy whatever flavor/russian orthodox/chinese orthodox cultural police etc..
hey. so...

USA or bust. Constitution and Treaty of Tripoli/Madalyn Murray OHair! wiki her it's wild! n good. peace cya later!

If you're supporting people's right to their sexuality, I probably wouldn't keep using the word "lesbo", it's pretty offensive.




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