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eric, choose your battles more carefully.

You won't find enough allies to take guns away from xian cops.

You will find enough allies to take xian slogans from government vehicles.

This is how they look in Missouri and it is pathetic. "In God We Trust." I thought they were trusting that firearm on their hip. Imagine one cop telling the other that he prayed but the suspect got away. Sorry. It ain't gonna happen.

Christian slogans should be removed from government vehicles! If they are allowed to continue with this you are likely to be inside a government building and see on the wall "did you pray today?"This makes the slogans both ridiculous and hypocritical.

"Hello, Freedom From Religion Foundation?  Legal Department, please.  I got another one for you..."

The Austin, Arkansas police department is bucking the trend, using donated decals to show loyalty to the Constitution:

The Austin Police Department has added a new decal to their patrol vehicles. The decal states “We The People” which is the opening statement to the preamble of the United States Constitution. Chief James Kulesa related; this is to reflect that as law enforcement officers, we are committed and sworn to uphold the laws of this nation and the ideals of the Constitution, without bias, prejudice, or personal opinion. It further reflects law enforcement officers are also “We The People”.

Defying “In God We Trust” Trend, Arkansas Police Department Puts “We the People” On All Vehicles (Friendly Atheist)

Six cheers for the Austin, Arkansas, police and their not pandering to Austin theists.

Using Firefox, I typed the above reply and did a Ctrl-C to save it.

The endlessly turning turning wheel appeared when I clicked on "Add Reply" so I closed the tab for this thread.

Upon seeing GC's email again I clicked to return to this thread and saw my reply. I didn't have to click "Reply" and paste it.

I expect to do the same to make this reply appear.

Editing. I clicked Edit and maybe AN/Ning accepted this line.

Bingo! Editing a reply doesn't a trip to Loren's metaphorical Joe's barn.

EXCELLENT!!!  THAT is what should be displayed instead of some religious tripe.  Those simple three words give expression to where the power of the government comes from and who should control it.

Is it wrong for me to think that the only decal that annoys me is the "My child is an honor student" one?

How about "My child is an ornery student at Central High School."  That should fix it.

Yep. My child is an ornery student at Central High School. Put that one on the bumper.

In the Western World, this appears to be a uniquely American problem.

I think their choosing police officers should be more on rational thinking than wanting to be bullies who play with guns.

I think the #1 pressure on police is making quotas and unnecessary fines. It dehumanizes people to the police and they have to make hasty judgements to keep their jobs. Privatized Prisons make money from arrests so arresting people is very profitable in the US.

Let me show you how bad officers have it in NY State.

NY is notorious for prison gerrymandering in which they count prison populations in districts to give Republicans majority in the Senate. The majority of prisoners come from NYC, I believe, don't quote me on this, that it accounts for over 75% of the prison population,

It's explained here:

In December 2014, the NYPD had a slowdown in silent protest of the death of two policemen who died on duty. Basically they turned their eye on minor crimes and fines. It backfired as the police officers loved not having the added pressure and made only necessary arrests. Then the state was losing $10 million a week on fines and put an end to that.


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