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Pressure to reach fine quotas won't explain why America has the highest rate of people being killed by police for any Western Nation.  

It would take us in Australia and many countries over 100 years of police killings/murders to equal the American tally of only six months.  Longer for Sweden.

Simply because dead people don't pay fines.

Bang!  Oops, another fine lost.  

It comes down to individual training and removing the current extreme narcissism of police officers. 

They seriously need lessons in rational critical thinking (philosophy) and how to achieve passive resolution of conflict situations. 

America has produced a force of gun crazy, trigger happy megalomaniacs, calling themselves Law Enforcers.  

They have even been known to kill with the use of tasers by using two or more on a single victim.  Now, that is either seriously bad training, or deliberate murder.

How do we weed out the people who should not be / have been allowed to become law enforcement officers?

(A light semi-tangent: in the world of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the people who wanted to become President of the Galaxy were precisely the ones not to be trusted with actual government. The office of President functioned to distract the people from the real, highly secret and undemocratic, government.)

GC, this is an ongoing problem of time and money, I suspect.  Worthy of note: the police office who shot Tamir Rice in Cleveland was REJECTED from another police department before being hired by the CPD.  I have to believe he was not vetted anywhere near as thoroughly as he should have been and that similar situations obtain in many metropolitan police departments.

Obviously, this needs to change ... but who has the money to change it?

There's a huge disconnect between the police and the people. The police officer should be a part of the neighborhood and try to resolve conflicts as peacefully as possible.

Here's where I disagree with you on. Most privatized prisons have occupancy guaranteed clauses, meaning they have a contract to fill people up and the more times they fill it up the more money it makes. You can't tell me that it doesn't trickle down to the police officers who have to fill these prisons. Essentially there are going to be times in which the police officer is going to unnecessarily escalate the situation(s). I don't know about you but sometimes in super insane situations, I don't know how to react in the spur of the moment conflicts. I think if you reduce those situations, less stupid decisions would be made. I think it's more of a broad way to solve this issue. 

Another thing is that there is no police for the police. Time and time again police officers who break the law don't get justice.


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