Hearts and Minds: Fighting the war with Afghanis....for their souls.


bible-meeting (filmed - unbelievable!) amongst U.S Military chaplains, discussing how they can avoid being seen to violate General Order Number One of the U.S. Central Command, which explicitly prohibits “proselytizing of any religion, faith, or practice.” by attempting to convert everyone they meet to win souls to Christ.

And the frothing Christopher Hitchens Article, where I found it, that accompanies it.


I bet the other side can't believe their luck. Not a crusade? Pull the other one.

EDIT: A bit more.

Harper's Article

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It's nothing terribly new.

These were posted on the walls around FOB Hammer earlier this year. I'm pretty sure I know who was doing it too and from what I understand, they're still there.
Just to be a prick...I also have the identifier for it...file an EO complaint because only CHRISTIANS are being allowed to do this and no Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccians, or Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarans) are.
Take the stand that these other religions are not being given EQUAL TIME.
Think about it. What would the OE people say? Or do?
Remember, you can also files this anonymously.
I know the military is famous for it's abbreviations, but what are EO and OE, other than the chords sungs to the chorus to "Old Mcdonald had a farm."
OE is a typo, EO is Equal Opportunity.
E I E I O. Now that damn tune is in my head. Thanks! :-)
OE ... french?
Opportunité d'Égalité ?

... Oh well, I tried.
Hi. the Vanity fair link was dead but I eventually found the article. Here's the updated link.
Atheism would be an even better belief to suggest to the Muslims. After all, if they would die or kill for their God, what would their reason be to kill or die for as an atheist? Ya, I know, you all know this. Someone should translate a Stephen Hawkings book and distribute it among them.




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