A Rose by Any Name Would Smell as Sweet? Is Army’s New “Humanist” Designation Just Semantic Hooey?

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I guess we just have to wait and see. Looks like it is a step forward, and the ACLU was involved. Our military is slow to change.

I think the one thing that struck me as odd is the line: "Currently no Humanist or Atheist chaplains approved for military service, though MAAF reports that there are a number of Atheist and Humanist chaplain assistants". I'm sorry, but Atheist Chaplain Assistants? I never heard of such a thing before.

I mean what next? An atheist Pope in an Atheist Vatican? When you receive atheist communion do you get a cracker and juice and and hear, "this is not the body and blood of anybody, we just thought you looked hungry". 


as former military .... I think they just don't know what to call the "guy or girl you go to if you are an atheist/humanist and you just want to talk"  LOL I mean we would probably call them a secular therapist 

I had a long-time friend who would listen to me gripe on atheistic issues and say nothing although she was devoutly Christian. I lost her two years ago this month.

Years ago when I was a young soldier the only options were christian and maybe Jewish.


We were required to go to chapel.  If someone missed chapel they were given extra duties, like latrine duty.


I was an enlisted medic.  My unit was in trouble for a high STD rate.  That was a tour in Turkey when no one could bring spouses and the unit was entirely young men.  So they went to the Turkish state-authorized "night clubs".  Which were really just houses of prostitution.  This was in a Muslim country, which is interesting.  The prostitutes were women whose husbands or fathers were jailed, and could not support family.  Harsh world.


The chaplain railed against this. Not against the oppression of the women, but against my providing condoms to reduce disease transmission.   These were mostly 18 to 25 year old young men.  Raging hormones, in a high stress situation, with no other outlets.  About 25% of them would get an STD in a year.  These weren't just gonorrhea, there was also LGV and chanchroid, which are not common in the US and were horrendous diseases.   Although syphilis is a silent killer that dwells in the body for decades, and untreated gonorrhea can lead to debilitating conditions, so those are nothing to sneeze at either.  As the medic I was assigned the responsibility to reduce the STD rate.  So I obtained condoms via the military supply system, and placed open boxes of condoms in the PX, the mess hall, and the NCO club.  That really pissed off the chaplain.  The STD rate dropped to about 10% per year.


The chaplain said I was supporting sin.  I said I was preventing these guys from bringing STDs home to their loved ones.  He could preach and rail against them all he wanted, but it didn't make a bit of difference in the number of guys who caught STDs.


It was a bit nerve racking for me.  The chaplain is a commissioned officer.  I was just an enlisted soldier.   It was intimidating.   I don't know if a humanist chaplain would be as judgmental as the baptist chaplain. but maybe a humanist chaplain would lobby for change to accompanied tour, as well as find a way for those oppressed women to make a living in a less risky and oppressive way. 


The military should not support religion.  Why are religions in bed with the military?  Religions preach obedience to their gods, and thou shalt not kill.  The military teaches obedience to command, and kill if needed.

Ironically, as a gay soldier, I was not at risk for the diseases the straight ones got.  I had someone I was infatuated with and it was mutual, so we were not at risk for STDs.  This was before dont-ask-dont-tell and there was a kind of bemused tolerance, although discretion was critically important.  It was also before AIDS, HIV, and a lot of other bad stuff.

Well, this is the same religion that insists women should bear unwanted babies to full term, even if it results in the death of the mother. (That way, the child could be placed with good church-going, tithe-making Christian peoples and provide another little congregant.) If you ask me, they are the Church of Death.

James, my perception of the Christian religions are as "Churches of Death", too. My skin crawls when I read their sacred books and hear their points of belief. The claims of love, care, compassion, commitment, sacrifice, all result in hate, manipulation, exploitation, group-think, and opportunism. 

There are some who reveal true compassion and they make claims that do not stand up to the writings of their scriptures. It is as though they have a little locked box in their head that is marked Hypocrisy is a Sacrament! 





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