A second request: A public appeal to member Debra Stevenson, a.k.a. Brandi Amari Williams

Brandi, you are monopolizing all the space on this website.  You need to set up your own personal blog to post your articles and then reference a link to it in your profile

Atheist/Nexus is not your personal forum, it belongs to all of us.  Not only are you being extremely rude, you are treating others unfairly by causing their posts to quickly vanish from the Forum and Blog boards with your excessive and rapid "drive-by" style of cut and paste.  Many of your postings are in multiple parts, which take up precious space and banish all other posts from view.

I previously called your attention to this same behavior back in April.  Unfortunately, it seems you have decided that you don't care and that you don't wish to allow equal room and equal time for others here.

I know I'm not the only person annoyed by your actions, as other members here have expressed the same sentiment and have publicly mentioned this to you as well.   

I urge all members here to contact our administrator, Richard Haynes, if this type of overbearing behavior continues. 


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I'm one of those who'd stopped reading Brandi's many posts but said nothing. I thank you all.

In a post on the previous page I saw Brandi's behavior described as attention seeking, and...

I have for years (in the time I have) been digging up what I can about sociopathic behavior, and long ago saw the statistic that it afflicts two or three men for every woman. I wondered why.

I remember from the 1970s feminist era that some feminists said masculinity is a birth defect. I joshed with one that it's not also a mental illness.

The disproportion doesn't bother me; I've done a lot of hard ball politics. Sociopaths can sell anything to gullible people, and much of the work of politics requires selling.

A few days ago I saw an explanation for the two or three male sociopaths for every female. It's in an article I have yet to check out for credibility. It said that women who get scores on the sociopathic checklist that qualify a man as a sociopath tend to be histrionic and show attention-seeking behavior.

Heck, I tell people I grew up in a culture that said "If you're talking, it's because you have too little work to do." I add that I joined Toastmasters and haven't stopped talking since, so maybe I'm seeking attention too.

Is there any truth to it? Well, for every ten minutes I spend buying clothes, ....

As a casual visitor, I admit I haven't seen too many of her lengthy, cut-and-paste posts. The few I've seen however were not only annoying but distracted from the group discussion quite negatively. She also once replied one of my comments in a uncomfortable manner, as though she was hitting on me.

Flying Atheist, thank you for taking a stand against such irresponsible behavior by posting this. I wish her the best going forward, and I hope she finds whatever help she needs.

It was great to log on and not have to wade through a whole lot of nonsense to get to the worthwhile posts. Thank you all for addressing the situation! 

Thanks to all of you who backed me up and who have commented favorably regarding the creation of this post.  Obviously our administrator, Richard Haynes, had the final say in how this matter was going to be solved, and it appears that most of us are happy with his decision.  I know I am.  Thanks, Richard.


Thank you FA for addressing this matter. I also felt her long copy and paste posts were tedious and taking up too much space on the site.

I agree with everyone here. I think what it was with her, Carl, was a passing of time as her and her husband stayed at her cousin's house and the husband was looking for work. Eventually they would have their own place again. Her mind boggling multi-posts gave her a sense of purpose. The thing I could never figure out was why her and the cousin traded user names??




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