A second request: A public appeal to member Debra Stevenson, a.k.a. Brandi Amari Williams

Brandi, you are monopolizing all the space on this website.  You need to set up your own personal blog to post your articles and then reference a link to it in your profile

Atheist/Nexus is not your personal forum, it belongs to all of us.  Not only are you being extremely rude, you are treating others unfairly by causing their posts to quickly vanish from the Forum and Blog boards with your excessive and rapid "drive-by" style of cut and paste.  Many of your postings are in multiple parts, which take up precious space and banish all other posts from view.

I previously called your attention to this same behavior back in April.  Unfortunately, it seems you have decided that you don't care and that you don't wish to allow equal room and equal time for others here.

I know I'm not the only person annoyed by your actions, as other members here have expressed the same sentiment and have publicly mentioned this to you as well.   

I urge all members here to contact our administrator, Richard Haynes, if this type of overbearing behavior continues. 


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Or again, post a blog post on A/N once/day or so, with links to the blog posts on the Google blogspot.

There is no need for Debra to refrain from posting her thoughts or announcing them on the A/N timeline.

It wouldn't be fair to criticize her on the basis of content - as if everyone else here were posting quality content, and she the only one who wasn't.  There's a lot of boring stuff on A/N. 

HOWEVER, she can share these thoughts in a way that doesn't take up too much space on the parts of A/N that are for everyone. 

Such as posting a blog post containing links to her blog posts. 


I made a blog post illustrating how you can put a lot of different posts into one announcement - with HTML source included. 

Using that sort of thing you can keep out of people's hair, yet make your thoughts accessible to people here. 

''I will promise not to copy and paste so many articles at one time like what I have done, I am not making any promises that I won't ever copy and past anything I find interesting ever again while I am a member of Nexus but I will promise not to do so many at one time.  I hope that can at least be a compromise we can make.''

That's not good enough. You will continue to annoy people that way. You should start your own Google site as advised by Anthony Gordon and visit ThinkAtheist.com and AtheistUniverse.net as advised by Sentient Biped.

Your 'thoughts' as expressed indicate that you are paranoid. No-one hates you they just want you out of the way. Few, if any, are interested in your postings but worry that your obstinance and defiance is damaging the reputation and credibility of Atheist Nexus as well as dissuading intelligent, mentally stable, educated and interesting people from joining the site.

''I'm not a fan of Richard Dawkins, I agree with alot of what he says but when it comes to religious matters in particular, he is NOT a professional historian or a theologian and neither am I''

I'm a fan of Richard Darwkins. He is a scientist who understands nature and thinks rationally. Theologians study religion and embrace the supernatural which is nonsense. I was a student of history and am satisfied with Mr. Darwkins knowledge of history.

Religionists are not interesting. Atheism and freethought are interesting.

Your proposed compromise is unacceptable. You continue to act contrary to the rules and guidelines of membership and most have had enough.

I do not intend to address you again.

I hope you find your way elsewhere. Good luck.


This is not meant to be rude or hurtful. You are right that Richard Dawkins is not a theologian. He is an expert in the field of biology. And while not technically an historian, yet he is in a sense. He is an historian of the history of life on this planet and how it has evolved.

And then there is Victor J. Stenger, a highly respected expert in the field of physics, and Lawrence M. Krauss, an expert in both physics and cosmology. And there is Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and philosopher. They are all experts in their fields and they are atheists, and they all tackle the issue of the existence of God with expertise and knowledge.

To be blunt, there is no such thing as an expert in theology. Having a phd in theology is like having a phd in Jack and the beanstalk. Religion, all religion, is based on irrationality. There have been and are so many gods believed in throughout the ages, literally millions, that to claim to be an expert in theology is a ludicrous claim.

I've made my thought on this before so i wont go into detail.

I do wholeheartedly support Flying atheist on this.

I would however like to stress that this isn't about stopping people saying what they want. Its about making sure that its presented in a way that is reasonable.

Those long copy and paste entries would have been better with a simple link to the item. Even better would be an explanation of why we should go read them and/or your reaction to it.



I agree with MB that the issue isn't about stopping someone from expressing herself but making sure that her thoughts are presented in a reasonable way. I address the skills involved in the Hang With Friends discussion Hints for Newbies.

Consider the steep learning curve people face transitioning from media such as  papers, magazines or books to a social media site. Communicating effectively here means limiting the number of topics addressed at one time, using shorter paragraphs, and avoiding large blocks of text. Anyone who presents a page length block of text will find their thoughts unread.

I confess that I sometimes cut and paste too much from a news article I'm trying to summarize, when the topic is emotionally charged for me. It's hard boiling a complex piece down to its core.

I'd like to add to that, if it's okay, Ruth.

A good way to figure how to engage with others on any particular forum is to lurk for awhile, when you're new. You can then see what the median post length is as well as level of politeness and familiarity between other users. Some forums have no qualms of limiting the vernacular, while others have very specific guidelines regarding type of language allowed. Yes, you get an idea of this from the forum rules, and your newbie guide is a great one. But, for those who either don't understand or skip past reading them, lurking and learning the flow of language on a forum is a good way to go.

Ruth, I love your Newbie Guide.  I haven't seen it before until today.  Thanks for sharing.  You did a wonderful job on it.   


In addition to bringing this situation to your attention in April with no results, I also formally reported you to the moderator exactly two weeks ago today.  Since nothing was accomplished during the past two weeks I decided to bring the matter to the public forum, as I knew I wasn't the only person upset by your actions.

Like Sentient Biped, I am quite worried that your abusive postings on our homepage are turning off prospective new members.....and even current members!

This is a great website with outstanding people.  For me, personally, this is the only social internet group of which I am a member.  The integrity and vibrancy of this community is paramount to me.

I agree with Napoleon Bonaparte that your supposed compromise shows nothing but "obstinance and defiance" toward the rules for posting.  If you do not wish to follow the written rules of this forum as pointed out to you, may I suggest you reevaluate whether you should be here or not.   

It is certainly not my intention to silence anyone on here.  You have been given suggestions on how you can post material in a civil manner and still leave room for others.  If you can do that, great.  If not, I feel no shame in calling for your expulsion. 


Patricia, if I'm correct, the block option only prevents another member from sending a private message to the inbox on your personal profile page. 

On the other hand, if that person is participating in the same discussions and groups as yourself, you will receive notices to your home e-mail when they post a public message. 

I think this is a case of TMI + TLDR.

Posting one's thoughts regarding a topic in concise, succinct sentences and paragraphs is a good way to build up rapport and discussion with others on a forum.

Posting copious blocks of text, which do not have a solid framework of ideas, which lose the reader midway or even early on, will not help you reach your audience. Consider the length of text for the type of post (forum vs. blog vs. news site article), before posting.

Also, if you are to post a lengthy dissertation or critique of a topic, it is well and good to give points of discussion, with a solid introduction and conclusion.

TLDR: Practice the finer points of written communication, if you wish to contribute in a meaningful way.

OK, Nerdlass, I wasn't hip enough to know what TLDR meant, so I googled it.  Too long, didn't read.  My first instinct was: Too little done right. 




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