The excellent outcome of the (virtually) bloodless revolution in Egypt should encourage all Arabic atheists. Egypt is 97 % Islamic but this was clearly not an Islamic revolution. It was entirely secular. As a friend of many secular Arabs, I find this inspiring - a very hopeful development for democracy in the Middle east. A lesson perhaps even for America, where our politics seem to be more religiously polarized.
It would be interesting to hear the views of our resident Arabic atheists.

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One of the days of the revolt, msnbc showed several hundred muslim protesters encircling a group of christians having a mass to protect them. Later the christians returned the favor.

If that doesn't show that the movement was secular in nature, and that there can be tolerance and understanding in the arab world, I don't know what would. Not that I would say that all muslims or christians would do the same, but maybe there is still hope long term that we can get along.




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