A short video inspired by Reason, Tolerance and Enlightenment values


I would like to present you with a short video, Words Engraved, which is inspired by Freedom of Thought and Human Rights:

The idea behind Words Engraved is to convey a message of Reason, Tolerance and Individual Freedom through videos in different languages. The author of Words Engraved has already created a version in Chinese, which I include here with English subtitles (more versions are being made in additional languages):
If you think they have merit, please pass the videos along to others.  Thank you,

Rose Lancaster
on behalf of Words Engraved (a project not affiliated with any religious, political or governmental organisation)

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Great words, great message, but i have to admit, that tapping was kind of irritating; just a little.

Thank you for watching it and commenting. Maybe you would prefer the 2nd video which is created using the art of calligraphy and no tapping! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNNUdek56DU

We are creating many versions so hopefully people will have their favourites.




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