I was really pleased with discovering that the Atheist Nexus lets one post their blogs on the website. I have been using my blogspot page for those posts up to this point. While my stattracker has shown some of the traffic that has loaded my webpage I have yet to get any comments. I was hoping to have some of my fellow atheists read a few of the sections that I have posted and leave some comments.

God or bad comments would be welcome. I am aware of a few things such as grammar and spelling are not my strong suit but after spending more than a year on this project having some sort of feedback would be most welcome.

I would find it hard to believe that I created a work that leaves every one speechless. While I desire to have positive response I have yet to have positive or negative replies.

So if anyone has a few moment, please read a section or two and leave a comment so I can get a felling about how I have actually done communicating my thoughts.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Thomas True

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