The points.... the beauty.... makes my heart still from the anger of dogma. I was infuriated, on a horrid and terrible rampage against the immorality of the religious death manifesto and this soothed me.

While I'm thinking of it I would like to state something I will attempt to do in school:

Background: My school has a student-led Bible (Baptist/Church of God majority) Club.

Action: I am going to ask them to a friendly debate. Eleven of them and one of me. My proposal is that we all understand that neither of our goals is to convert the other but prove existence (or in my case un-existence) of God.

Hypothesis: I bet I can win using logic from the bible and all the translations of the bible and thus disclaims to the King James Version.

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Oh I know, maybe I worded it wrong, I meant to say I was using that logic against the bible club.

And thanks for the song. I remember it from a while ago and should have posted it along with the recently found one of mine.
That gave me a light cackle. I live on TN and if I am not the only nontheist I am assuredly the only 'out of water' one. This being said, I do know three agnostics at an adjacent school. And yes sir, you are indeed right this will go no where and a debate isn't the best way but this this particular group I think it is by best means to approach it this way. A long list of observations I shan't go over.

Truth be told I am only doing this to strengthen my knowledge and reaction in a discussion against something I do not believe in, not to win.

Thanks for the thought of good luck. :]
If nothing else, it may help you find another merry heathen out there. I've been surprised when I speak up how often people have said (often privately) that they feel the same way and were relieved to hear someone voice it.
High school is a bit harder from both peer pressure and adult influence like teachers and parents, increasing the social push towards conformity.
Yeah, I speak up quite a bit because I am a minority. And, I use the term 'I' loosely because I do have friends that meet me on other ground because they know I will speak up about something.

Basically, in my school, I am either hated for my ideas or respected for having my own ideas and being sure of them.

And about conformity, that's the second reason I speak up, I grew up brainwashed from the get-go and it's against my principles to not try to save others from this. Be it too late or not.

....And because I forgot; Thanks.
I love the song "Dear God." It's always been a favorite of mine. There's also a couple covers of it that are almost as good as the original. Sarah McLachlan does a nice version of it and she's not usually my favorite.




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