One thing I get tired of, and I'm sure you folks go through this too, is being at work everyday not being able to go a whole day without somebody bringing up God or his will.

Just recently somebody broke into a coworkers house while his kids were home and luckily the guy didn't go into the closet where the kids were hiding. Of course, the whole day I had to hear that is wasn't luck it was God that kept him from finding them.

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I have to deal with this crap EVERY.........DAMN......DAY!!!! I work in healthcare (RN) Need I say more?
I usually just say, "No, I don't think so." When someone says, "It was god's will."
I hate that as well. When a tornado wipes away your neighbor's house and not yours, kills your neighbors but not you, that is god's will?? I think not.
My question to the people who say that is "what makes you so special that you should have been saved instead of your neighbor?"
And I'll bet they have a ready answer that involves large portions of self-rightousness.
Their answer is always "God works in mysterious ways" or "Nobody knows the mind of God." Which is another way to say "Hell if I know but I don't want to admit it was just blind luck."
The replies to that I always heard was, "God's not finished with me yet," "I have His work left to do here on earth," or "God called them home" i.e., they were finished with "His" work or they were being rewarded. I no longer challenge the religious about any of their beliefs because their beliefs are irrational and persistent in the face of all rational arguments. For me it's a waste of time and energy. I do go on the offensive whenever they seek to put in place policies etc., which adversely impact me.
I'd like to add that although I'm far from the south, many people at my workplace are pretty well as deluded with their relious beliefs. The main difference I notice is that in the south it is so much more acceptable to bring the religious talk up in any and all settings.
I really hate the ones at work who work hard for years and when they get a promotion, they say, "God/Jesus gave me this promotion." Really? Did he sign your paycheck all those years? Did he have to explain to your kids why you had to miss Junior's play or recital? Did God/Jesus pat you on the back during all those 12-hour shifts you pulled to cover some lazy coworker?

I really hate those who ignore their own hard work and give all the credit to a deity. Instead, they should thank a spouse for not divorcing them or thank the kids for not running away.
"I really hate those who ignore their own hard work and give all the credit to a deity. Instead, they should thank a spouse for not divorcing them or thank the kids for not running away."

Hehe. I love that!
God is like a cosmic coffee machine. If you make good coffee, the credit goes to the person who prepared the brew. If you make bad coffee, blame the pot. It's all bullshit, anyway.
Someone I know very well thanked god for supplying shoelaces when one broke on a shoe. God of the shoelaces.. Pffft...
Most of my professional life I have worked for colleges. In my experience at colleges my colleagues would bring up their faith periodically or I'd receive religious junk emails. I knew a lot of my colleges were religious from all of their icons in their offices, but many didn't say anything (However, I am sure it spoke volumes to the students). In general, even in the Bible Belt, it was too bad. I felt fairly comfortable being in the minority (Granted at the beginning of my career I was Christian too). For the most part I was bombarded more unsolicited political opinions than religious ones (also annoying). About the worst thing that happened at a college was I went to a large awards dinner sponsored by the college (A state school) with only state employees in attendance and the kicked it off with a Christian prayer. I thought that was quite bad and I considered complaining, but that was as bad as it got.

However, I was in for the shock of my life when I went to work for a public school system. Anytime a coworker, coworker's family member, or spouse, or student is out more than two days we are urged to pray for them by the administration, human resources rep., or someone else. (I often felt like sending them a copy of the study where people got worse after being prayed for). I am constantly hearing how the students just need Jesus (by everyone from administrators to administrative staff). Faculty meetings have opened with a prayer. While I never heard of any teacher directly talking to the students about religion, many teachers make it VERY clear on their Facebook pages (on which they are befriend minor-aged students) their extremely religious views. At an assembly religious music was played (arguably with a historical significance). I said something about it to a colleague who quickly hushed me telling me that if my lack of religious belief were made known, my job would be in jeopardy (I am still not sure if that person was being paranoid or the threat is real.). It's not everyone, but it is a place where I feel very uncomfortable.




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