he does some hemming and hawing, and through his squishy philosophical mumbo jumbo sounds more agnostic than atheist, but i think you can read between the lines enough to know that he simply doesn't buy the whole God thing.  being a far right commentator, it would be hard to simply come right out and say that all of his colleagues are idiots.  so he tries to qualify his remarks in intellectual soupery.  honestly, that he was willing to admit this much comes as a great surprise. 

welcome aboard, Charles.  you're now my 2nd least favorite atheist right after Karl Rove. 

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Given his propensity for intellectual dishonesty, I'm rather shocked at this much of an admission.

Isn't that the truth Pat.

thanks Mel, it was the intellectual soupery line that got ya, didn't it?

At best the man is a Deist.




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