A Tad Hypocritical It Seems to Me: Fetus for Anti-Abortion Purposes But Not Liability

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Even the One Wholly Cathartic and Apoptotic Church gets sold short by her lawyers sometimes.  ;)

Yeh, you never know when there's fucking lawyers involved.

Awwww, c'mon folks! Of course a fetus isn't a human when it comes to the Vatican's coffers. I mean - really! You're talking about some serious change, here. However, for the low, low price of 1,000 gold ducats, Rat Boy and his minions would more than love to buy a place for your voluntarily aborted fetus among the cherubim. And, for only another 1,500 golden coins, we'll get you a seat between him and JC. However, if sue us you worthless motherf&*%er, you and cellular goo we killed will rot in hell. Now. Go away, and quite looking at the man behind the curtain. Nothing to see here.

Why am I not surprised?




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