Last night I wrote a great blog for today’s Dangerous Talk continuing the whole South Park controversy. Then, I posted it to the Examiner page instead. So now I can talk about how ridiculous the Muslims are and the Catholics. Both religions are now feeling to the heat from the mainstream religious-ass-kissing media.

The media generally treats religion with reverence even when religious individuals or groups do morally indefensible things. But lately, the media has been taking a more critical tone with the Catholic Church and Islam.

This whole South Park controversy has gotten the media to step up against Islam while using South Park as a shield. The media isn’t attacking Islam, South Park is and the little old media is just covering the story. Unfortunately, Islam is too powerful right now and the Muslim religion has little to no power in America. That fight is more a European battle for the time being so outraging Americans isn’t going to help much. This may be a wake up call to Europe though. We’ll have to see.

The Catholic Church however is really on the run. They might actually lose this fight. When the media started to report all of the sexual abuse and the related cover-ups, most people thought that the Church was too powerful to be held accountable. They still may be, but one thing is certain, they are not nearly as powerful as they were.

I think one of the reasons why the Catholic Church might be losing this one is because they didn’t take it seriously early along. They really thought God had their back and they horribly miss-managed he situation. Instead of being admitting the problem and being open to the media and the authorities, they decided to blame everyone else including the media. That just makes the media double down and people suspicious about what the Church is hiding and who they are really protecting.

It is becoming more and more obvious to the general public (Catholics included) that the Church is more about the money and protecting themselves than doing what is just and right.

The Pope still doesn’t realize it yet, but the world is coming for him. The Catholic Church is going down. Islam might take awhile longer.

Blogger's Note: This is my full blog from today and I think it would make for a nice discussion. Do you think the Catholic Church will lose this fight? Will this be the end of the Church? What can be done with in the media to weaken Islam?

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I think he's looking more at a long term historical trend, rather than trying to say it will happen in our lifetime.
DangerousTalk made reference to the Catholic Church having been too powerful to be accountable... something we typically relate to historical times of monarchies, whereby the Catholic Church really was in charge. If they said war, you grabbed your shield and kissed your family farewell.

I think he's well aware it's going to take a while for the CC to die off... and recent events have both weakened them, and shown what they are now in relation to what they used to be.

On the subject of the two religions. There's allot of speculation recently of coming feuds between Christianity and Islam. And, no, I'm not referring to the skirmishes in Africa, that's been going on for a loooooong time, doubt it will ever end.
I'm referring to the Christians becoming increasingly paranoid over the immigration of Islam into their countries. One merely needs to look at the current political climate to understand that it's not just the Churches that are becoming paranoid, the governments are getting in on it too.

France is now getting active in regards to Islam, which is a huge surprise to me. I expected Britain to be the first to try to start banning religious ideological symbolism. However, Britain isn't exactly far behind, the BNP is gaining support in Britain, which, as most know, leans towards the idea of "F*** off foreigners".

Here in Canada, there's been increasing sentiment to no longer appease the immigrating masses as to their independent cultural heritage... nothing specific yet, but political irritation towards Islam would be an understatement.

In the US... well... the US is the US, if theres one thing it's good at, it's racial hatred.

My growing fear is the re-birth of fascism through Christian paranoia over Islamists.
If it plays out the way I'm fearing, it's not going to be just a couple of countries... it's going to be the entire damned western world.

We want to dissolve the two major religions, not see them step up their game.
With one of them in risk of turning fascist, and the other having troubles with radicals... well that... thats just paints a scary picture.

Especially when neither of them has much regard for Atheists. (Another understatement).
You've got a bit of a nationalist streak to you don't you?

Relax. Don't be so quick to jump on the defensive. The post was intended to point out the growing trends of fascism from within the western nations... not to turn it into yet another pointless "my country is free'r than your country" spitting contest.

Did I say Canada has a perfect history? Nope. In fact, we've got quite a few points of our history we'd rather forget. As does every nation.
Did I say your country hasn't done any good? Nope.

To qualify the statement about the US, the US does have a long standing history of groups voicing an incredibly racist point of view, from the KKK hanging blacks in history, a war over slavery (luckily the north won), to the "keep the dirty Mexicans out with a wall and trench" sentiment, Pat Robertson (lol), the list goes on. All I was saying is there's always been an outwardly visible racist presence in the US.

Is all of the US racist? No. But when the racists come out of the woodwork in the US... they're damned good at it, and they make sure the world hears them.

Did I call YOU a redneck racist? Nope.
I apologize if it sounded like I was trying to clump you in with the racists. That wasn't the intention.

The post was to point out the growing trend in Fascist and Racist sentiment in the western world, fueled by Christian paranoia.

In my post I merely got into specifics with a few nations, got onto the US, was going to be specific with them too (was going to point out the racists using the tea party as a shield) but I figured, heck, everyone's heard about that already, so I generalized with a bad attempt at humor.

Lighten up. I'm not your enemy.
Heh, no, the US is hardly MORE racist than the rest of the world.
But we just hear the racists in the US louder.

It can be a good idea to get it out in the open... we tend to take a stance towards loud mouthed bigots of "Shut the **** up." But, I do see how the US's method of dealing with it can raise awareness of the problem itself, by letting the idiots be heard.

Unfortunately, there are also those idiots out there who hear an aggressive stance and fail to think for themselves.

Either way, point being, the Fascist and Racist stance seems to be getting louder everywhere. As I said, it's Christian paranoia that's fueling it.

My fear is that the paranoid Christians will feel more compelled to push their agenda at the polls than the neutral ground... making way for a pro Christian fascist movement.
What can be done in the media to weaken Islam? Just highlight their ludicrous pronouncements, such as blaming seismic activity on women dressing immodestly ( That should do it.

Islam's on the back foot too - a ruling this week upheld a blasphemy law that means that, for this post, I could be deported or jailed for five years. I'm taking my chances.

I agree that the Catholic church is alienating its grassroots, and certainly the younger generation. The current Pope is looking increasingly like Canute with the tide coming in.
Religion should never hold political power.
Regarding Islam, I am not too optimistic that there is going to be any positive change anywhere soon. The signs I see are still quite depressing. Being an ex-Muslim and living in an Islamic country, I get quite upset as I see many people, including well educated ones with anti-West sentiments. For most of them, the West is categorized as being controlled by the Christians and Jews who are their enemies. And this point of view is only adding to existing animosity towards it.

There aren't many rational voices in the Islamic countries. And a few that are there are considered to be 'agents of Jews'. To weaken Islam, it is crucial to break people from within its ranks and significant strength of ex-Muslims need to be come out, which i easier said than done since every rational and reasonable person likes his/her head right where it is!
I think our current president, though Christian himself, has been trying to break apart the title of "christian nation" for the US. He gave an excellent speak about how making laws based on religious beliefs is simply dumb, explaining how any laws passed must be able to withstand any form of reasoning as to why it needs to be in place, of which banning gay marriage does not withstand such reasoning.

It's too bad that religions war against one another. The west really is not a Christian and Jewish territory. For one thing, Atheism is growing quite rapidly here. Plus Wicca was the fastest growing religion last I knew (which was quite a while back, so it could have changed). Many European nations are predominantly Atheist, such as Sweden. Some nations are very religious, but I think many or even most don't allow religion to dominate their nation.

Which Islamic nation are you living in? I can imagine that being surrounded by religious fanatics can be hard. I once lived around a ton of Christians. But, being the very free spirited person I am, and the very defiant individual I always was, I sang aloud satanic music to see how they'd react. Good ol' Mercyful Fate! Great way to keep them away from me. more about the money and protecting themselves than doing what is just and right.

ok, now.


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