What would you do IF a certain agency of your state decided that they were interested in your tax returns... and they signed their inquiry letter, "have a blessed day." You would be stuck with swallowing your atheist pride or making waves and bringing down the wrath of the little Gods of taxes on you and your family. Any suggestions on how to deal with this not so hypothetical situation would be most welcome.

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Ugh, that's kind of an ugly situation. I suppose they could really make it as painful as the were able while still being able to say that they are just doing their job.

I'm guessing that what might have been resolved with a simple response with the requested information could turn into a full blown audit. I'm not up on these things though so I'm just speculating.

Perhaps once you have the issue resolved you could then address your concerns about the religiosity of the government correspondence.
Here's the catch. If I point out this discrimination now, this is likely to become a full audit rather than some simple paper pushing. If I resolve the matter and then complain, they will slam me with audits in future years. This signature line is no innocent "have a nice day" sort of salutation. It is offensive, like a signature line that says "whites rule" or "If you weren't born here, go home."
" It is offensive, like a signature line that says "whites rule" or "If you weren't born here, go home." "

I feel the same way... not to mention it's un-constitutionable.
What I would do is ignore it. Unless the auditor turned it into a bigger issue (say proselytizing during the audit), then I'd have to think again.

Individuals who file reports are completely protected by federal "whistleblower" laws which strictly prohibit the IRS or any other government agency from taking any action against you as a result of your complaint.
Do Federal whistleblower laws apply to state tax auditors? Thanks for the link but this seems to apply to the IRS only.
Dunno. What, exactly, does "any other government agency" mean ? Surely there's some tax lawyers here.
Please forgive my ignorance on the subject but does "blessing" always carry a religious meaning in english?

I am aware that the word has religious roots, but I had the impression that everybody and nothing can bless anything with everything and the result would only be a strange choice of words.
An interesting point. In some intellectually challenged states of the US, "have a blessed day" is used as a code between Christians to identify themselves from others. However, the word 'blessed' is also listed in my dictionary as also meaning 'happy or joyous.' I suppose that gets the state tax officers off the hook in court. The good news is that I can now pose as an Xstain by saying, "have a blessed day," and not feel in the least bit hypocritical.

Thanks for an alternative view of things, Wolf.
I guess you could always send an anonymous letter of complaint, though I think it would only serve to reinforce the popular notion that atheists are whiners and will complain about anything.
good point.

op - if you are ok giving out your address, i could send a letter of complaint as well (i'm in another country, so the 'canada post' stamp would give me away)

personally, i would "whine" publically. i've been audited multiple times, and i don't have any money or assets, so they couldn't do much anyways. even if they could, i feel it's a matter that is worth fighting for.




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