The book is called The Fingerprints of God by Brad Cummings.  I've had it in my my possession for less than a day yet but I find forcing myself through it to be both hard and bad for my health due to excessive facepalming.  I'm not yet through the first chapter and already the ignorance, confirmation bias, equivocations, non-sequiturs, and bald-faced-lies are intolerable.  Has anyone else read this book and if so, does it get better after the first chapter?

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The title alone is so off-putting I would not touch it for fear of picking up theist germs.

LOL! I'll pass on it as well.

Must be a good friend if you didn't just toss it in the recycling bin.  Will they be willing to honestly listen to the faults you find in this?  Maybe just compile a list of the problems with the first chapter and discuss with your friend.  Then you can decide whether to suffer through the rest.

This sounds like an excellent idea, after all, it's Sean's friend who 'set the ball rolling' by giving him the book in the first place.

I haven't read it, but it sounds very much of the same stripe as Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ, which has been dismantled more ways than I care to count as a badly failed apologetic.  Like James, I have no interest in reading such crap, though listening to people like A|N's Steve Shives destroy books like that on YouTube is at least entertaining!

In my leisure time, I prefer to read history rather than fiction. Personal bias, I guess, but since my children grew up, I haven't picked Grimm's Fairy Tales, or Mother Goose in years. By the way, you might want to ask your friend that if there are fingerprints of god, are there also DNA samples and mug shots? I think the bastard is wanted on 5 continents.

Sounds like that settles that.

I know how you feel.  Last year a coworker lent me a book about god and religion.  She stressed that if I read it, I would probably and seriously consider being religious once again. you, I just couldn't make it through the first chapter without the face-palms and the insults to my intelligence.  I returned it to her unread.     

Good for you!
I have never heard of it. I would probably never glance at it.

If you began reading "in good faith," and found it absurd, how about returning it with "Thanks for your concern, but it just isn't my kind of book."  If pressed, you could add that it has nothing in the first pages, where it should present its hardest-hitting arguments, that you hadn't already considered and abandoned.

Why are you reading it? I think I would of thrown it out!


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