The book is called The Fingerprints of God by Brad Cummings.  I've had it in my my possession for less than a day yet but I find forcing myself through it to be both hard and bad for my health due to excessive facepalming.  I'm not yet through the first chapter and already the ignorance, confirmation bias, equivocations, non-sequiturs, and bald-faced-lies are intolerable.  Has anyone else read this book and if so, does it get better after the first chapter?

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I wanted to give it a shot, but I think at this point I'll compile a list of it's errors in the first chapter.  I may or may not return the list, the book, or both.  I read it because I over-credited the intellect of the man who gave it to me and assumed that he'd give me a book with some compelling arguments as opposed to the bloodied remains of arguments which have served their tenure and then some in the debate arena with less than remarkable results.  

I've developed a speed reading technique where I could go over the first 50 pages or so in 5-10 minutes and get just the major points so I could decide whether I want to go back and actually a book earnestly. That helps quickly separate the somewhat useful and the absolutely useless.

I would return the book and tell the friend, friendly, if he really is a friend, that I've read the first chapter and it wasn't my thing. My philosophy is if someone wants a debate, let them initiate it and I'll just respond... in real life of course; online, I post unsolicited all the time (most of the time it gets me nowhere, but I still do it).


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