So I'm 18, and still live with my parents. I've also been an Atheist for two years now, and have never looked back at my former Christian faith.
So my mom and family still think that I'm a Christian, and they haven't really asked me much about my faith, but recently, my mom is really making a push to get me to read the read the bible, pray, etc. , and it is really starting to make me feel very uncomfortable.
The point is, I want to tell my family that I'm an Atheist, but I'm not sure how. If I just come out and tell my mom, she's going to kill me, I just know it, and may even take away my laptop and android tablet.
Does anyone have any experience with this and can offer suggestions? I really need help! I don't want to keep pretending to be a Christian! I want my family to know who and what I am, and I don't want to keep it a secret.

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The website is a great resource for this! But yes, read the WHOLE bible and be able to quote from it. Christians don't know what to do when you can beat them at their own game! This is a favorite tactic of Hitchens and Dawkins, and it's very effective. Watch some of the "Hitchslaps" (search for it on YouTube). It's dazzling!

And I second the offer of help. Shoot me or anyone else an email if you need help!

Hi Alex, I just wanted to lend my support. Everyone here is right...until you move out and have your own money, it is best to just shine on your family. The consequences could be worse than you imagine, and really, is it any of their business?  If they are that fundamentalist, they may never get it and sometimes, ignorance is bliss.   In the mean time, try downloading Penn Jillette's book, "God, No!".  I think that it will cheer you up.  Also, the writers of South Park, Matt and Trey are atheist. One more thing...try to find a way to move out of Utah, because it can be a very repressive place. I loved Colorado and anywhere there is a big university will be better than home. You need to find well educated and open minded people to feel at home. Take some time right now and figure out who you want to be in the next ten years and make a plan to get there. Keep your chin up, Suz

Lest it go unmentioned, Julia Sweeney's Letting Go of God is an incredible story, which is her one-woman show that tells her journey from Catholicism to atheism. Not that I approve of video piracy, but the complete DVD of her show is on YouTube, and in lieu of having your own space where you can have non-theist paraphernalia without eliciting comment or reaction from your family, it's a more tenable option for you now. But this show was incredibly helpful as I was doing my own letting go of god.

Consider this:  Your parents raised you christian so you would be respectful and appreciative of your family; close and extended.  It sounds like you are, so to return the favor, seriously, start doing MEGA chores and helping them and *maybe* dont force any ideas that will make them freak out.  Consistently going the extra mile and helping them in any possible way will pay very valuable dividends... I guess that goes for all you teens    

That's actually a really good suggestion! Theists claim that nontheists are without a moral compass and can't be good, so to go overboard (so to speak) and speak through your actions by being altruistic and generous can only bolster the legitimacy of the perceived shift in your beliefs. Kill them with kindness, as they say. This is an opportunity for you to potentially help your family grow, if they'll let you!

Hang in there Alex.  I was about the same age when the light of reason started to shine in my world.  It all depends on you and your family relationships.  I am not one to give advice, but like they say, it gets better.  At some point, you will find the right path for yourself.




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