A Tragedy for Our Time: Do Defective Genes Disqualify People for Universal Health Care?

Americans are a pragmatic lot; we might not want to pay for what politicians feel a need to promise.

For instance, would Medicare for All win the support of a majority of voters?

What say you?

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A Daily KOS article on a man about to marry but unable to pay for insulin made me confront this issue. It is in every way a tragedy.

"... it seems likely that Sanders’s version of Medicare for All would poll better if voters understood that it would abolish premiums and deductibles and bring down overall health-care costs. "

From Polls: Voters Want Medicare for All — But Don’t Know What It Is

Apparently most people don't understand Sanders' plan (which I support). The discussions by the Candidates seemed to muddy the water further.  

I too support universal single-payer healthcare, such as Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. (Wasn't Medicare actually originally intended to be phased in to other age groups besides seniors?)

It was disappointing to see the Democratic primary debate last year become a vehicle for Republican talking points, such as "would you raise taxes to..."!

The Daily KOS article:

Josh Wilkerson died on June 14, 2019, five days after suffering a series of strokes and slipping into a diabetic coma, at a North Virginia dog kennel where he worked as a manager making $16.50 an hour. Wilkerson was 27 years old. He and his fiancee, Rose Walters, were trying to save money to pay for their approaching wedding, and after aging out of eligibility for coverage under his father’s insurance, Wilkerson was having a terrible time trying to afford his insulin costs. According to his mother and his fiancee, Wilkerson had begun taking “human insulin,” a considerably cheaper, “lower-grade medication.”

The cost difference made the drug affordable for Wilkerson—the over-the-counter version of the drug is one-tenth the price of the more effective and unaffordable version. But doctors do not suggest it for all patients as a stopgap because it is less effective, and it is considerably slower at stabilizing one’s blood-sugar levels, taking hours longer to be effective than the prescription version.

A question asked by one of the commenters to that Daily KOS article:

How many kids are dying because their parents can’t afford an Epi-Pen?

[An Epipen injects a measured dose of epinephrine to reverse symptoms of an allergic reaction. Is the allergic reaction a genetic condition?]

Too many assume that if certain people are elected that Medicare for All will be an instant reality. It simply is not so. Who pays for my Medicare? I do. It can be fixed to where others pay for their's too. Then the racist haters step in and claim we cannot pay this for immigrants and illegals. WTF?

Here we have compulsory health insurance for everyone, and the general cost is lower because everyone is in the system. It works.




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