"A true atheist is either clinically insane or is insincere."

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Scott LePage

‎@Micah dude; A true atheist is either clinically insane or is insincere. In other words, you do know God exists or you'd be in a mental hospital.
It's okay, though God doesn't believe in atheists, either. You will
eventually believe. @Gerald dude; Thanx
for posting your insight! Really when it comes down to it in all of
this, there's scientific data that would seem to support both sides of
this endless (and pointless) debate. We really only need to know if we
should take an umbrella, wear a sweater or run for cover tomorrow.
That's all. ;)

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How about throwing around a study like  the one linked below:




"Relationship exists between high levels of schizophrenia and high levels of religiousity."


So who's clinically insane, now? 

I'd rather have a discussion here, thanks. I left Facebook partly because every work and image you post becomes their property for unlimited commercial exploitation.
No problem, Ruth.  Its not for everyone.  :)
Wow, nice article.  I clicked the link to the PubMed search on 'schizophrenia religiosity'.  Ouch!  lol  I plan on sharing that with friends.  :)

I remember hearing about that(not the article) somewhere. I think it was a former pentocostal turned therapist who talked about how it was easy to be schizophrenic or bipolar in that type of church because everything was just so...over the top.

But yeah, I agree. But the question is does it occur because of organic reasons or because the person is forced so long to place their "flesh"(their true selves I'm guessing) in a little box that they don't know how to really respond to something when it is outside of their magical thinking...

Mojo, you are not quoting the last sentence of the study properly.  It simply states that the relationship between schizophrenia and religiosity have been examined in many studies.


I do not see a direct causal or correlational statement in this article or the many located in the pub med links supporting your statement. 


As a counselor, I have observed that religious people with schizophrenia have religiously based delusions (in addition to others).  This is probably more a function of the disease process affecting their thinking than a function of religious memes.


That said, religion has certainly played a major role in pathological behavior through the centuries and has created a delusional furor among its more ardent adherents.  Then again, the same argument could be made for Soviet style communism's propagation of atheism.



I am not sure at all that I got that at all. Wasn't that mearly some arrogant theist, who is so narrow minded that not only does he insist his position is correct, but also totaLy lacks the imagination to even fathom anyone having a position that differs from his.

Actually I feel rather similar myself, as similarly it is beyond me to fathom how someone can be that stupid-and be arrogant about it.


Je suis fou mais je suis sincère. Par conséquent, la déclaration n'est pas tout à fait correcte.

If my memory of French serves me, he said, "I am crazy but I am honest. Consequentially, the statement is not true at all."
....crazy as opposed to clinically insane and sincere. Pixies translation is about right. I'm a student of French and I like languages.
ah-ha! It's been YEARS since I've used French. Nice to know I haven't lost everything I've learned!


Thats great ! I teach English on LiveMocha and you can find French language partners there as well. Its free to join.



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