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I just took the survey to find out if I'm part of the "New American Center" at and was surprised at the number of questions they asked about my religious beliefs.  I think this would be a good way to let our numbers be known.  http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/center-interactive-quiz

It's a survey by Esquire Magazine and NBC news.

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Whoops.  Look like I posted this in the wrong forum.  Can anyone switch it to the appropriate category?

My reply yesterday didn't show-up, so I'll try again.  I took the poll and was happy to let them know where I stood religiously.

They say I'm one of the 13%.  An MBA middle with a live-and-let-live Mentality.  Sounds about right, but there are some issues where I disagree with the middle people.

Just took the survey.

My results:

I'm a registered Democrat but consider myself a "Progressive."  The Democratic Party is still too intertwined with religion and is represented by too many cowards who are unwilling to stand up to religious pressure on social issues.  I would also like to see the decisions of lawmakers to be based on scientifically produced research, evidence and studies in all areas of government.  This is the only way we can assure that most of our tax dollars are being spent wisely.     

I ended up at the exact same spot when I took the survey but was sure I'd be in the center!  Guess I'm out of sync with what is "central"!  I consider myself an independent but now can't imagine what Republican candidate I could vote for... maybe Chris Christie?? - a bit ironic given his name :)

I didn't want this to be a political statement as much as letting people know that we're out there!

I've always admitted to being a bleeding heart liberal.  No surprises there.

I took it. The result is framed as an insult.

Gee ... I'm another left-wing bleeding heart, according to that survey.  And if a less generous opinion is what is needed to be a part of "the new American center," they can HAVE IT!

I'm a Bleeding Hearted Liberal, too, and proud of it. I don't intend to support the lazy's of the world, but I fully intend to participate in caring for those who cannot care for themselves. Anyone who works full time should be making a living wage that covers food, housing, education, health care and retirement care. Government should not encourage families to have more than two children. Stopping population growth should be one of the nation's priorities. Government should stop squeezing the working class to pay for expenses of the nations. Wealthy should pay a high percentage, eliminate loop holes, and off-shore banking.




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